The Need Of Accurate Data When Moving A Vehicle

The Need Of Accurate Data When Moving A Vehicle

When transporting a car, some information is required. Specific car shipment information for your transport. Basic information like pickup and delivery addresses will be requested. Year, make, and model. It’s modified or features non-stock parts. And, of course, pickup and delivery contacts.

This data must be correct. If not, exporting a vehicle can pose complications. Data accuracy helps pickups and deliveries. It allows carriers to go to your pickup and delivery sites without your permission.

It benefits you, your shipper, and the carrier. Most importantly, we won’t need to contact you for updates. So you can get on with your life without worrying about your car shipping. Lessen the impact of inaccurate auto transport.

Need Car Shipping Info?

Getting quotes isn’t ordering. On average, you need the pick-up and delivery locations, plus the car’s year, make, and model. Extra information is required when reserving shipping.

First, we’ll need names. Shipping necessitates They also direct the carrier. They can even advise carriers not to go downtown or to cul-de-sacs. It’s not known where you’ll pick up or ship till it’s This is done for safety. But they might tell your agent your pickup and delivery addresses. Your agent can then contact carriers.

Important information includes the vehicle’s year, manufacturer, and model. This information is crucial since it informs the carrier about your shipment. Certain automobiles may not be transferable. Knowing your cargo helps us identify carriers more quickly and correctly.

Why Addresses Matter- Addresses inform us where to ship. And while that may sound obvious, it isn’t. Addresses direct the courier. But sometimes there isn’t one! Who knows? This is not an excuse. We need the pick-up and drop-off.

We don’t discuss pick-up or delivery addresses until your car has a driver. Mostly for security. But we still need them to direct drivers.

When drivers or we inquire about available loads, they typically inquire about pickup and delivery locations. Are they private or commercial? Businesses need addresses so we can find out their hours and location. We can then scout the carrier’s route. A ten-vehicle carrier is likely to transport your car. Big trucks can’t fit. Urban areas are enormous. Carriers can’t fit in downtown.

Let’s Talk About Your Vehicle- A smooth car movement experience requires accurate vehicle information. We primarily ship Toyota Corollas and Ford Fusions. These are common cars on the road. We only need the year, make, and model for those cars. But there are numerous automobiles that aren’t typical. We’re talking massive pickups, SUVs, and cargo vans.

An F-150 is not an F-350. It’s not 2500. A Safari is not an Express Cargo. Some may see the distinctions, while others do not. But we need to know when.

Is your car modified? Let us know. An increase or extension will worsen this. What is the submodel – F-250 or F-450? a Duty? A lengthy cab? They affect the price you pay and the carriers who may transport your vehicle. Provide your representative with as much information as possible. Tell us if anything complicates the usual load-drive-unload. Please include as much information as possible to guarantee a smooth dispatch.

Did You Buy It Cheap?

Auto sales are big. Popularized by online auto shopping and the COVID-19 epidemic. Buying a car online is an excellent way to save money on a new automobile or a project car. And auctions are a great way to save even more.

But an auction car must be sent. Don’t forget to give your shipper all necessary vehicle information. Buyers must advise us of the vehicle’s condition. You have the least say in this, but we need to know everything. Is it? Is there anybody damage that prevents driving? Are the tires inflated enough?

Just a few things to know. With auctions, you’re almost buying blind. But please send us any transaction details you have. We’ll also need buyer and lot numbers. Carriers can’t pick up. All auctions use the same lot number and winning bid number. Nothing is released to a carrier without the proper lot and buyer numbers. So no one else can send your automobile!

If you have any questions about our automobile transport services, please contact one of our friendly employees at Auto Shipping Group.

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