The Rarest Multicolor Female Betta Fish Care List You’ve Ever Seen

Multicolor Female Betta Fish

In the world of betta fish keeping, nothing is more exciting than when you discover a new type. Depending on how often the domesticated betta fish appear, it’s not a common occurrence and they are considered to be pretty rare. However, if you keep reading this article and learn all there is to know about multicolor female betta fish care, then maybe you will be able to take good care of them as well. Let’s explore these gorgeous beauties in-depth so that you can have all the information before deciding where to get your pet from.


What is a Multi-Colored Female Betta?

A multicolored female betta is a betta fish that is a combination of multiple colored betta fish. It can be almost any combination of colors and will still be considered a multi-colored female betta. However, the most common combinations are either a merle or marble coat pattern, a calico coat pattern, or a rainbow coat pattern. These are the most common and easiest combinations to achieve in a betta fish. A multi-colored female betta comes from the cross-breeding of two betta fish that are already multicolored. Discontinuous genetics are what cause multicolored female bettas. When two multicolored parents breed together, the offspring will always be multicolored no matter what.


How to Care for a Multi-Colored Female Betta?

When it comes to betta fish care, the most important thing is to provide excellent water conditions. While many people think that bettas are okay with dirty water, this is far from the truth. Bettas are pretty sensitive fish and can be affected by small changes in the water quality. For example, dirty water can cause a bacterial infection which can be fatal if it’s not diagnosed and treated immediately. 

As far as water temperature goes, bettas prefer a temperature in the range of 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. While it’s possible to keep a healthy betta in cooler water, they tend to be happier in warmer water. That being said, changing the water temperature too often can stress the fish out and make them more susceptible to disease. For this reason, it’s recommended to keep the water temperature consistent.

Rainbow Merle Female Betta Fish

A rainbow merle female betta fish is a pretty common type of betta fish. It is characterized by having a black base coat with bright red, orange, and turquoise patches. The merle gene that causes the coloring pattern is common in multi-colored bettas. You will want to provide a high-quality betta fish care setup for your rainbow merle betta. 

It’s recommended to keep them in a 5-gallon tank with a heater and filter. As far as the water is concerned, it should be kept in the range of 21-25 degrees Celsius. Bettas are herbivorous fish and therefore, they prefer a diet rich in plant matter. You can provide your rainbow merle betta with either pellets or flake food. However, it’s important to provide them with access to live plants as well.


Marble Coated Female Betta

A marble-coated betta fish is characterised by having a patchwork of different colored patches. The patches can range in color from orange to blue. A marble betta fish is bred by cross-breeding two bettas that already have the marble coloring pattern. Because the marble coloring pattern is common in multicolored bettas, it’s recommended to keep a marble coat of female betta in a 5-gallon tank. The water temperature should be kept between 21-25 degrees Celsius. As far as diet is concerned, a marble coat female betta will do best with a diet high in plant matter.


Calico Female Betta

A calico coat coloration pattern is super common among female bettas. It’s characterised by having red, orange, and black patches on a white background. This coloring pattern is achieved by breeding two bettas that already have the calico coloring pattern. You will want to keep a calico coat female betta in a 5-gallon tank and make sure it has a heater and filter. A calico coat female betta will do best on a diet rich in plant matter. So make sure to give your betta lots of live plants to nibble on.



Betta fish are one of the most widely kept tropical fish species in the world. Over 15 million bettas are kept as pets in the United States alone. The rarest multicolored female bettas are a rare and exotic species. They’re beautiful and colourful, and they make excellent pets. If you’re interested in keeping a multicolored female betta, then it’s important to understand their water requirements and feeding habits. In particular, the water conditions need to be kept clean and the betta fish diet should be rich in plant matter. Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision about keeping a multi-colored female betta fish.


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