Tips for teeth whitening aftercare

Whenever a person with healthy teeth is asked what they want for their teeth, the answer comes is whiter teeth. It is not like people don’t clean their teeth regularly. But the whitening effects are due to stained food items and colored beverages. The color of your teeth is immediately visible while you smile and shows that you take care of your teeth. 

People who tend to eat colored food items and beverages like red wine, coffee, or chocolate find it difficult to keep their teeth white. People do opt for some temporary options of cleaning teeth. Just to rock on their special day with an amazing smile. But you need to keep a check on your food habits and make sure your teeth don’t get a stain. 

Temporary or permanent, whatever treatment you are taking for whitening of the teeth you need to aftercare for them. This will give you a long-lasting smile and keep your teeth in shape. Let’s understand how you can adopt some daily habits to keep your teeth white for a long time.

Teeth whitening aftercare

Once the whitening procedure is done and you are happy with the results. It’s time to focus on keeping your smile bright always. You can stop at Teeth Whitening dentist Markham, you need to make a to-do list for long-lasting results.  Make a list of all the points you must follow after whitening.

  • Get a quality toothbrush and toothpaste

Markham Dentist suggests that you must pick small-headed brushes with soft bristles. This will help you in removing plaque and debris from even the difficult places. You can even opt for an electric toothbrush. It can do wonders as it cleans rigorously and gently just to keep them glowing.

While a perfect toothbrush is accompanied by a whitening toothpaste then it’s a big fat thumbs up. Markham can get you such toothpaste or might suggest the best combination for your teeth. This will get you a natural-looking bright smile.

  • Avoid Acidic Food Items

The amount of acid found in some specific food items might cause demineralization. This results in discoloration. Some of such food items are mentioned below –

  1. Cranberries 2. Coffee

      3.   Citrus Fruits 4. Wine (especially red)

5. Tomatoes and tomato sauces

It is not suggested to avoid high acidic food items completely but you can reduce the consumption and consume water after eating them.

  • Avoid Smoking

Smoking is indeed injurious, but it can also affect your newly whitened teeth. The tobacco in cigarettes will stain your teeth. You might not be able to quit it immediately, but you can surely cut it down. You can avoid further Dental Bleaching Markham by cutting it down.

To keep stains at bay all you need to do is keep up with all the above mentioned points and take regular dental checkups even after whitening.

By following such tips and making it your daily habit can save up your teeth for the long run. At Markham, we believe in suggesting to you the best of whatever can happen. If you still need to know more you can reach out to us today.

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