Top 7 Adventures in Andaman

  1. Banana boat riding

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable activities in Andaman is the well-known banana boat trip. This is affordable, safe and, most importantly, enjoyable for the entire family. There is a guide aboard; you’re receiving complete safety training and are provided with life jackets, as well as other safety gear you require. 

You can enjoy the rides as often as you’d like and nearly everywhere on the islands. Other water sports include jet-skiing, speed boating and kayaking.

  1. Bioluminescence – Experience The Beauty Of Twinkling Stars

There are many amazing things that you could do when visiting Andaman! The charming island that lies within the Indian Ocean is a very frequent tourist destination all year round. It offers an array of white beaches and turquoise lagoons, bright daytime sunshine, periodic rainstorms and tropically pleasant climate all year long.

And one thing is certain you will find that your activities to be included in your Andaman list will have no slowing down when the sun-kissed sky greets your wanderlust spirit, the golden beach crystal clear waters, and the natural surroundings.

  1. Underwater Sea Walking

Discover the wonders in the depths of underwater life when you take a sea walk on the sandy seabeds of the beautiful islands of Andaman. There are lots of Andaman tour packages available on the internet which will provide you with this unique adventure. With the aid of a helmet and veil, you’ll be able to stroll past the fascinating aqua life and stunning coral reefs.

Before you dive in, experts will instruct you on sign language basics to assist you in your journey under the sea. Enjoy the magical moments you share with your family and friends while you snap photos as you explore the underwater treasures.

It is one of the top sights to visit on the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands, where water shimmers as you navigate your boat in the islands. This is due to an abundance of phytoplankton within the seawater. Bioluminescence is visible only when there is no moonlight. Experts plan kayak tours, and they are not common in Havelock. 

You can ask any Scuba guide, and they’ll direct you to the proper person. The visit to this beach is among the top things to experience in Andaman. The best part is, there are no costs for visiting the bioluminescent beaches in Andaman.

  1. Scuba diving

Scuba does not require you to be a swimmer! Sure, many people don’t bother believing that being able to swim is essential, but this is not the case. If you’re looking to test the harder levels of scuba diving and head to open water first, and only then will you need to be able to swim. 

It’s a fantastic family-friendly activity ideal for both adults and children alike. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to find Andaman Tour Packages for families or couples.Diving is something that you can do with all of your family!

  1. Trekking to Elephant Beach

You’re aware that Elephant beach on Havelock Island is accessible via boat trips and trekking, and the majority of people prefer an inflatable boat. My suggestion is to hire local guides to walk through the forest of jungle mangroves, marshland and marshlands for those who love adventure. This is something you can do during your trip to Havelock Island Andaman.

  1. Snorkelling

More enjoyable than swimming and cheaper and more affordable than Scuba, Snorkeling is a sport that lets you explore the amazing underwater world without having any complicated equipment or setup. Suppose you haven’t had the chance to try snorkelling before. It’s your best chance. 

This water activity is at the top of our list of the top activities to experience during Andaman throughout April.

  1. Parasailing

Parasailing is a sport that can be enjoyed in Andaman and Nicobar Island.

To partake in parasailing, you have to wear a parachutist powered by a motorboat to glide across the sky. 

Parasailing has been recently introduced at the Andamans as a recreational sport. When parasailing, you will feel your body suspended in the air without weight. It is an exciting activity that is loved by the majority of travellers. Parasailing is the most secure and most thrilling water option for non-swimmers.

Travellers can explore parasailing in places like Corbyn’s cove beach, Port Blair, etc. Parasailing is offered at all times, except weekends. The timings may alter based on weather conditions.


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