Top Data Science Jobs that Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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“What is data science?” is among Google’s most searched phrases between the years 2015 and 2020. In the last 5 years, data science communities have grown rapidly and the jobs related to these domains have exploded proportional to the demands from the market. If you watch closely the current market trends, big companies are hiring data science professionals in large numbers, especially from top machine learning courses. Marketing and sales organizations, focused on building business software of the future, hire the largest numbers of data science professionals, yet it’s among the least preferred destinations for certified trainers. The real shiny career lies with the traditional Cloud and IT markets that service lagging industries such as manufacturing, medical, and media.

We have been closely monitoring the data science and analysis industry and what is data science for the highly advanced industries such as Space and Astronomy, Medical and bioinformatics, and legal and regulations. In this article, I have identified the top data science jobs that have been considered best-paying profiles, yet these have been in existence only for the last 10 years or less.

Let’s explore, in data science what is the best available profile.

Data Storyteller

Data storytelling is the backbone of what is data science FAQs. In major online courses of data science, trainers spend countless hours trying to extract valuable information and in the end, they are left with more puzzles than in the beginning. To solve puzzles related to business intelligence and data analysis, companies hire a coveted group of analysts, called data storytellers. 

Data storytellers are sub-sets of business data visualizers who share similar principles and working models like that of data visualization teams. However, data storytellers use human intelligence with machine learning algorithms to create compelling reports and case studies that can make decision-making easy for their managers.

If you wish to flex your muscle in the field of machine learning-based Business Intelligence and Business Analysis (BI /BA), you should pursue the data storytelling titles aggressively

Average Salary:9-11 LPA at entry level

Key Skills:

  • Data visualization using Tableau, Sisense, SAS Analytics, Salesforce, Oracle
  • A clear understanding of BA / BI techniques with the ability to translate raw data into business-related actionable insights using human and machine level intelligence
  • Passion for troubleshooting / problem-solving
  • Good communication skills with refined abilities to identify problems, provide feedback, and deliver results within the deadline

Hard Skills Quotient: 9/10

Blockchain trainer

One of the biggest trends to have emerged in the last 5 years is that of Decentralized Finance, Blockchain, and virtual currencies. We are already seeing the replacement of traditional transactions and banking systems with new-age technologies – crypto, digital wallets and payments, and RPA. But, nothing comes close to the title of a “Blockchain Developer” or a Blockchain trainer.

If you wish to explore a blockchain career in the current market, you can pursue a data science course that covers subjects related to financial services and wealth/investment management, and digital payments systems. 

Average Salary:15 LPA at entry level

Key Skills:

  • Well versed with blockchain development techniques
  • A clear understanding of Fintech development techniques with the ability to identify problems associated with cyber intelligence, security, and mobile transactions management
  • A growing portfolio of BA / BI tools with the ability to understand how conversion rate optimization techniques work in the trade and finances markets

Hard Skills Quotient: 9/10

Hyper-immersive content developer / Mixed Reality Software Developer/ Artist

Now, this is what I call the pinnacle of the job market. A job that allows you to walk the fine balance of being a professional software developer and amalgamate it with the crafty strokes of an artist – yes, we are talking about the most advanced groups of data science analysts trained to become a Mixed Reality Artist (MRA). An MRA is a trained data science professional with unique ability and expertise in creating advanced Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and Hyper-immersive virtual content. The AR VR development engineer has to be trained in designing basics, in addition to skills in coding with Python, C / C++, JAVA, Scala, and so on. All these go into building the 3D Graphics programming.

Average Salary: 20 LPA+

Hard Skills Quotient: 9/10

Nikita Anjum

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