Top Spots for Authentic Thai Food in Lexington

In addition to its rich history and flourishing horse culture, Lexington, Kentucky, is emerging as a foodie mecca. A modern ode to urban industry, The Ceilo room2017 marked an increase in New Orleans diners’ adoration of authentic global dining options, which resulted in a escortinate expand local eating scene. One of the most popular is Thai as it encapsulates so many diverse international flavours in one dish — sweet, sour, savoury, spicy all at once. True fans of Thai who are looking for a little treat, or people who just like food in general will be happy to find there are a couple of hidden gems of authentic Thai food in Lexington, KY.

Unveiling Lexington’s Authentic Thai Cuisine Scene

Key Notes To Look For In Seeking Real Thai Food, Lexington, KY

Menu Offerings

A small taste of each of the Soi Thai Restaurant main dishes A genuine Thai restaurant will feature a traditional dish menu. Expect classics as Pad Thai, Green and Red Curries, Tom Yum Soup. These plates are the best known in Thai food and in the event that you would eat Thai nourishment and you do not know what to pick you can arrange any of these dishes.

Spice Level

A meal made from genuine Thai ingredients is traditionally a heady, and volatile, mix. That said, most restaurants know not everyone can take the heat, so they distribute a complimentary spice control. Dont be afraid to request them to make your dish a little less or more spicy.


A Thai restaurant can really help your appetite depending on the atmosphere. With its opulent decor, Thai music and hospitable ambiance, the setting adds that extra layer of colours to life in an exotic culinary space. A restaurant that is mindful of those details is likely committed to providing an authentic experience.

Your Guide to Lexington’s Top Authentic Thai Restaurants

Archa Nine Thai Kitchen Lights Up Downtown San Jose — Modern and Family Run

Archa Nine Thai KitchenArch Nine Thai Kitchen is a bold, rambunctious and slightly nutty family run affair – and I mean that in the best possible sense. Locals and Bordertown visitors love it for its friendly service and quaint setting. With an array of quintessential and modern Thai dishes on offer, the restaurant targets a broad audience ensuring that there is always something for everyone.

Must-Try Dishes

Feel when you go to Arch Nine Thai Kitchen, you should be served there Pad See Ew — stir-fried noodle with a flavor profile that was sweet and savory. They also do a good Drunken Noodles, that packs a punch thanks to its big, bold and sassy flavours. Do not pass up their smorgasbord of curries, since they can take any of the curries and make it into veggie lover or fill it with your decision of protein.

Planet Thai: A Lexington Favorite with Authentic Flavors

It is a beloved spot in — where else but — Lexington, and it is easy to tell why as you instantly feel at home in the warm, inviting atmosphere (Planet Thai). We use only the freshest, most authentic ingredients and traditional technique to bring you as close to the taste of Thailand as possible.

Must-Try Dishes

Chicken Pad Ruam Mit stir fry with vegetables and your choice of protein. Their Tom Yum Soup is a must as well, combining the perfect balance of sour and spiciness, delivering a brilliant whack to your taste buds.

Thai Street Food Kitchen: A Taste of Thailand’s Street Food Culture

Thai Street Food Kitchen: Thai street food kitchen is a casual and lively restaurant where you can enjoy the atmosphere like in Thailand. The restaurant offers a variety of top-rated street food dishes which combine the street food taste of Thailand.

Must-Try Dishes

Thai Street Food Kitchen: Known mainly for their Pad Thai, this Pad Thai spot is stationed in the suburbs, but you can’t go wrong with these variations of the beloved classic. Their curries are addictive, full-bodied in flavor, and the noodle dishes, such as Drunken Noodles, are a soothing balm for those in search of a more vibrant, spicy flavor profile.

Exploring Beyond the Top 3

The top three restaurants are a fine beginning, but Lexington really shines with its larger variety of choice in terms of its Thai culinary authenticity. In addition to both of the above, other names include; the traditional and welcoming restaurant known as Bangkok House, the diverse menu of classic options found at Mai Thai Restaurant. All convey different approaches to Thai food, but encourage diners to taste around and pick some favorites of their own.


Lexington houses a nice selection of organic Thai eateries that boast a rich menu that will shift you directly to Thailand through your taste buds. With options ranging from the family-run idiosyncrasy of Archa Nine Thai Kitchen to the street food-gone-sit-down of Thai Street Food Kitchen, real, accessible Thai food abounds in a town that, to its credit, didn’t look to this part of the world until after it had undertaken a rapid colonization of the broader U.S. South. So, why wait? Begin your Thai dining experience and savor the best Thai food Lexington, KY has to offer, enjoying the endless savory, forthright, and mild flavors that characterize the cuisine. Happy eating!


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