Top Tips For Making The Perfect Photo Collage

Photo Collage

One picture is worth a thousand words… What do several pictures say? That’s why we’re going to work with a photo collage today. A photo collage is no more than several photos displayed together. This can be multiple photos on one product or multiple products.

Sometimes I find it very difficult to choose. Suppose you had a fantastic holiday, took many beautiful photos and you want to hang your best photo of this wonderful memory on the wall. But then… How do you choose your best photo? I’ll tell you honestly, I find that very difficult. I can’t really choose! That’s why I have the solution for you. Make a photo collage. This way you don’t have to choose between all those wonderful memories and you can enjoy multiple photos. In this blog I will give you some tips for making a collage.

A photo collage can be made in several ways. As a first tip I have the photo collage with individual photos for you.  The advantage of a photo collage made with separate photo prints is that you can easily switch photos after a while. This way your collage is always up to date! You can make this collage on the wall, for example in the shape of a heart, square or randomly paste it together, but you can also collect your photo collage with individual photo prints on a bulletin board. Note: If you want to stick your photos separately on the wall, it is easy to draw this in advance or stick white adhesive stickers where you want the photos. This way you can be sure that your photos will hang nicely on the wall. Prefer not so neat? Then go for the option below. The colored washi tape gives the wall a casual look.

This collage is really something different than usual because we are going to roll up photo prints and carefully slide them into transparent bottles. Slide until the photo is the way you want. Before you start, hunt for special bottles for the photos. For example, choose large and smaller bottles together and place the bottles next to each other in a fun way. If this isn’t a unique photo collage.

Wood is a natural product with a cool look, by having multiple photos printed on wood you create a fantastic style. For example, go for beautiful family photos combined with a landscape. Nice for above the couch or in the bedroom.

Canvas gives atmosphere to every room and also fits well in various interior styles. This multi-panel on canvas is just that little bit different than usual.
The photos match each other, but you can also change a canvas after a while. By changing one canvas you immediately get a completely different look.


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