Topmost Proven Ways to Fix Netgear Authentication Error

Are you having a hard time with the Netgear authentication error? Well, that might be because you used an incorrect password to connect to the extender’s Netgear_ext (SSID). But, fret not because this issue can be resolved with the help of the solutions mentioned in this post. So, wait no more and read on.

Fixed: Netgear Authentication Error

1. Reboot Your Netgear Extender

Many users have found the process of rebooting one of the most convenient ways to get rid of technical issues. You should give this solution a try too.

Follow the instructions mentioned below and learn how to give your extender a restart:

  • Disconnect your extender from your home router.
  • Power off your Netgear range extender and unplug it from its wall socket.
  • Hold on for some time.
  • Thereafter, plug your extender back into its wall socket and turn it on.
  • Do not forget to reconnect your extender and router.

Once you are done rebooting your wireless range extender, check whether you are able to fix the Netgear authentication error. If yes, congratulations! In case not, keep reading.

2. Enter the Correct Password

Another thing that you can do in order to resolve the Netgear authentication issue is to use the correct password to connect your devices to the extender’s network.

Keep the following points in mind while entering your WiFi password:

  • Avoid typing errors.
  • Check the password that you’ve entered before proceeding further.

Note: In case you are in doubt of the WiFi password of your device, it is recommended that you refer to the user manual for help.

3. Perform Netgear Firmware Update

Every Netgear extender has software embedded called firmware. The firmware of your device controls its overall functionality. If not updated timely, it can also degrade the performance of your extender and lead you to issues similar to the one you are currently facing.

Therefore, make sure that the firmware of your Netgear wireless range extender is running on an updated firmware version.

4. Reset Your Wireless Extender

Are you still not able to get rid of the Netgear authentication error? Well, that is unfortunate. But, we still have one more solution to help you fix the issue. And that is, performing factory default reset.

Walk through the guidelines outlined below and get to know how to reset your Netgear range extender:

  • Locate the Reset button on your WiFi range extender.
  • When found, carefully press it using a toothpick.
  • Wait for some time.

Once you are done resetting your wireless device, reconfigure it by accessing the Netgear Genie setup wizard.

How to Reconnect Your Device to Extender WiFi?

Follow the steps given below in order to reconnect your WiFi-enabled devices to the network of the Netgear wireless extender:

  • Plug your Netgear extender into a power socket.
  • Press the Power button.
  • Let the LED become green.
  • Connect your extender to the host router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Switch on your computer.
  • Launch an internet browser.
  • Enter mywifiext in the address bar of your browser and hit Enter.
  • Once you are on the Netgear extender login page, input the default login credentials.
  • Click Log In.
  • When logged in, enter the password under the WiFi password field.
  • Click Apply.
  • In a few seconds, you’ll be able to connect your device to the extender’s network.

Summing Up

Struggling with the Netgear authentication error is pretty common. However, getting rid of it isn’t. If you carefully follow the hacks mentioned in this post, you will surely be able to get rid of the issue you are experiencing.

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