Tourism industry around the world:

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The tourism industry is one of the most prosperous industries around the world. Famous tourism destinations like Turkey, Canada, are favorite spots for tourists in the world. Turkey tourist visa has been made easy for the tourists to get, as compared to other online visas. The tourists coming from the Schengen countries, and from the USA need only the permanent resident address for getting the tourist visa for them. The Canada tourist visas are getable for 5 years. This is quite amazing as you need no other documentation when you need to travel to the country. The visa to Turkey has been made easy for the tourists to get, as it has been made a visa free country for the tourists coming from the Schengen countries and also from the USA. This can be quite amazing for the tourists. The Canada visa is available for 5 years, and you can enjoy your journey as much as possible. This is boosting tourism in the country. Tourism has become the main industry in these countries.

In this article, we are discussing tourism in one of the most amazing destinations, and why people want to visit these places? 

Tourism in Turkey:

The Turkey tourist visa is not even applicable for tourists coming from the Schengen countries and from the USA. The Turkish government is making the tourism industry amazing as the Tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in the economy of Turkey. The Tourism industry occupies a huge chunk of 7.7% of the total employment of the economy and it accounts for and employs around 2.2 million people in Turkey. This data was taken in 2018, the tourism incomes represent around 3.8 % of the GDP. The total service export of the country has a huge portion of the tourism industry, which is around 51.9 % of the total service export. These are the main reasons, the Turkish government is always interested in the tourism industry to grow in the country and making the Turkey tourist visa restriction easy for the applicants.

Tourism in Canada:

Canada tourist visas are a hot pursuit for tourists around the world. In 2019, the tourism business crossed the figure $ 104.9 billion, which is one of the most amazing figures for tourists around the world. The Tourism industry has been slumped in the Corona pandemics, there is around 1 job out of 10 provided by the tourism industry. This is quite an amazing figure for the tourism industry. There are many attractive places in Canada, and one of the most amazing and world-renowned is Niagara Falls. The country is surrounded by the world’s largest oceans like the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern side. The Pacific Ocean from the western side, and the arctic ocean from the Northern side. If the tourists want to visit the ice-capped mountains, then Canada is the place to visit.

The tourism industry is one of the main industries in these counties and contributes to the economies of these countries. Tourism is the main source of the foreign reserves and the job source in those counties.