Ways to Fix Slow Internet Connection on Netgear Router

Netgear router is one of the best products offered by one of the leading technology companies. The company offers a wide variety of user-friendly devices to its customers. But, sometimes users may face some common issues while using their devices such as their Netgear router not working,  slow internet connection, etc. . Then, here we come up with some troubleshooting methods which will help you to fix the issue of slow internet connection. Just go through these steps mentioned below.

Steps to resolve Slow Internet Connection Issue

1. Update Your Netgear Router Firmware

Sometimes, users might not get the desired performance with their Netgear router. We suggest you update of the firmware of your Netgear router before performing any troubleshooting hack. To update the firmware, access the Netgear router login page. After filling the required credentials www.routerlogin.net setup wizard will open. And you can perform the updating process. Once done, you are ready to use internet services. This may resolve the  slow internet connection issue with your Netgear router.

2. Power Cycle Your Devices

Whenever you come across issues related to networks then we suggest you power cycle your Netgear router. Power cycling of your devices sometimes resolves the issue of slow connection.

3. By performing Internet Speed test on your Devices

To ensure if all your Wifi enabled devices are having a slow internet connection problem or just the one, then you  need to run the Internet speed test on all the devices which are connected to Netgear Router. If you find Internet speed on some devices is fast and on some, it’s not  the same speed as that of the router. Then, you must perform to troubleshoot the issues in devices where Internet connection is slow but make sure that your device must support the same speed as a router.

4. Be Careful with Worms and Other Malware

Internet worm is one of the types of malicious software that transfer from device to device through Internet. Once your device gets infected by an internet worm or other malware, it is replicated without any intervention on the devices, and generates network traffic without the user knowledge. 

To avoid this users just need to take the following measures:

  • You must regularly perform a scan for viruses and other malware on your device.
  • Your Antivirus must be updated.
  • You can also use malware removal tools available on the internet.

5. Verify the Router SettingsĀ 

If your router is configured improperly, then you may face a slow internet issue. You must need to check the configuration of the router as it is adjusted according to your ISP recommendation. For that, you need to go to the routerlogin page, and once logged in, check the configuration of your router.

6. Try to Establish a Physical Connection

If you are using a device that is connected through WiFi and you are experiencing slow speed then you must try connecting your device with an ethernet cable. After connecting your device, run the speed test. If you are getting a fast speed using the Ethernet cable, then you might have an issue with your WiFi or your device supports an old version of WiFi standard than your Netgear router.

7. Switch Your Wireless Channels

If you are getting slow internet speed over WiFi due to wireless interference, then you can even change your wireless interference manually that your router uses. Sometimes the noisy environment can cause trouble which reduces the performance of the network. So, we suggest our users to switch wireless channels and select the least crowded channel.

These were some measures you can take if you are experiencing slow internet speed on your devices. Let’s hope that you will be able to get the problem fixed with the help of these tips.


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