Ways to See Pest Infestation

Pest Infestation

We all know prevention is more acceptable than cure, and prevention begins with detecting uncommon signs and potential risks stemming from a pest infestation. However, most of us with little knowledge can spot the pest signs?

Here we will get to know about ways to detect pest infestation. Also, we will learn the possible reasons for a pest problem and how you can get rid of the issues in your home. If you detect unique signs of pest infestation, contact pest control Georgetown, who will guide you through possible steps to eliminate any pest.

Ways to see pest infestation

  1. Look at your rooms while housekeeping.

Besides sweeping and mopping your home, you should look for unusual signs and the sudden appearance of cracks, lines, and stains. You can usually spot them at the back of furniture and appliances. Before wiping them away, you should take a photo to cross-check if they are pest signs. Clearing the clutter, avoiding cartons, and piling the storeroom and backyard is essential. 

  1. Observe the smell and stain

Pests leave their presence or evidence, including urine or bloodstains and droppings. Also, uric acid leaves a foul smell when infestation begins. Cockroaches have a strong and pungent smell, whereas bed bugs have a sweet and musty scent. If you notice these signs, you can save your home by contacting pest control services.

  1. Check your home regularly.

Home maintenance is important to ensure the sound integrity of the house and even to rule out possible pest occurrences. 

First of all, check any defects in the plumbing and piping systems that can turn into pipe-burst, chokes, and water leaks. Moisture is the main attraction for pests like cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and rats.

  1. Check on walls and structures.

If you notice clearly, you can identify the audio signs of certain pests and confirm their presence.

Termites create sounds when they feel threatened. They hit their head against the wooden furniture to send signals, and you may hear rattling or clicking sounds behind the walls. You can get soundcheck by tapping and knocking on the wall structure and looking for hollow sounds. 

  1. Pay attention to your furniture and bedroom.

Bed bugs move around bedrooms, mainly on the bed, because of the heat and hosts they seek. Bed bugs are the same as female mosquitoes, which need blood for meals. They can attack while biting and sucking blood off us. Bed bugs leave clear infestation signs. It includes blood stains that are rusty and reddish, droppings are black and dark spots, and their skin shells that shed have a musty and sweet smell. They also belong to the nocturnal pest categories.


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