Website Optimization: How to Increase Visits and Conversions on Your Business Page

To optimize a website, you need to know techniques that make the experience more fluid and increase the efficiency of the page. This is because they are the ones who increasingly improve user navigation. 

The starting point is the definition of objectives for the website itself, which can be, for example:

  • Guide visitors to specific actions;
  • Fill out forms;
  • Make a purchase;
  • Increase browsing time.

Each of these factors determines practices that make visitors happy, finding what matters.

On the other hand, having an optimized website is also synonymous with capturing more leads. For this, it is necessary to combine structural care and digital marketing strategies that help to captivate visitors to lead them to their first conversions. 

Here comes the importance of SEO agencies because they do the great job about search engine optimization. Request a price for search engine optimization services today.

Key factors of website optimization to improve rankings and bring visitors

To rank a website, Google gives preference to pages that offer a good experience and meet the criteria that influence their positioning. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies that brings together good practices capable of making a website appear on the first pages or increasing the number of visits. 

But, after all, how to achieve a good position and bring in new visitors? Overall, this process can be done from small improvements and corrections to parts of the site to ensure:

  • Trustworthy URLs: Using the brand name can facilitate the meeting and convey more security to visitors;
  • Keywords throughout the site: They can help you gain good positions on Google and can guide users to your brand;
  • Meta Tag and Friendly Titles: You need to write accurately and use summaries of what’s on the page to appear on Google;
  • Loading time: Ideally, the site should have 2 to 5 seconds to fully load and indicate good performance;
  • Security certificate: Having the “lock” before the website address is one of the main ranking factors as it protects browsing and user traffic;
  • Link building: Having links on other sites can help you gain more relevance and generate more traffic;
  • Responsive: Pages that adapt to any device and facilitate viewing are prioritized by Google for offering a better experience;
  • Image size and alternative texts: This item directly contributes to the accessibility of the site and corresponds to the search results for “Image”;
  • Content: Proprietary content that respects the ranking conditions, delivering what it promises, is prioritized for ranking, in addition to serving to win over the user;
  • Time spent on pages: The positive experience of visitors makes them browse longer, especially when they find what they need. In this way, it is necessary to offer elements that relate to each other.

Keywords with relevance

Choosing keywords is not a limited and scarce process. Often it is necessary to carry out a research that shows the best path for the business and on which terms it is necessary to bet. 

Quality content

Content production is a fundamental part of any company that wants to be online.

To produce quality content, it is necessary to consider the keywords and search terms of the segment, making the company appear in the searches and increase the authority on the topic. All of this, consequently, arouses the interest and trust of users. 


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