What affects the quality and speed of translation?

Everyone who has ever applied to various translation centers hoped for a quick and high-quality result, but, unfortunately, there are not so many good agencies. It depends on a variety of criteria, which we will now look at.

First of all, it is the selection of personnel. It is this factor that, although not the most decisive, definitely plays an important role in this matter. In most cases, the selection of employees in legal translation services agencies are carried out based on such requirements as:

Translation agency requirements

  1. Higher education is required, preferably linguistics.
  2. Passing an internship in those countries whose languages ​​they studied.
  3. Having communication skills.
  4. Ability to respond quickly in stressful situations.

Also, an equally important aspect that affects the speed of translation can be called the level of technical support and equipment of the employee’s workplace. Even with the deepest knowledge of a particular language, it will be problematic to translate the text using the old outdated technique.

The state of the sample text can also cause some difficulties. It often happens that the document is poorly scanned or written by hand. It is these little things that waste time, because the employee has to fix some flaws on his own.

Let’s not forget that the competitive spirit that reigns in the team also affects the speed and quality of work. It is not uncommon for translation agency owners to allocate bonuses, extra days off, or other incentives for employees who have shown their best performance. And, conversely, those employees who violate the terms of the employment contract are subject to sanctions in the form of deductions from wages and deprivation of bonuses.

An equally important point is the workload of the employee. Basically, employers hire a small number of employees in order to pay less taxes, but at the same time make a good profit. Thus, the translator has to process just a huge amount of information, besides, there is always a human factor. Each of us gets tired, so the client can not always count on a quick result.

The cost of the service also affects the speed of translation, as we already know for an additional fee, the finished work can be picked up much faster.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that the quality and speed of translation is influenced not only by the skills of the employee, but also by other equally important factors. 

Why do you need a translation check?

A large number of people, in order to save their money, often turn to dubious translation agencies , while counting on an excellent result. But no matter how much we would like to, it is quite difficult to find a highly qualified employee who is ready to translate your text with high quality and especially in the shortest possible time. The maximum you can count on is a slightly corrected machine translation. If for official documents this is not such a big problem (since even a schoolboy can translate the client’s personal data from one language to another), then this approach will not work for a technical or literary text.

However, the majority neglects this rule in the process of providing their services. That is why some agencies offer to check and, if necessary, correct a previously made translation. If you somehow find yourself in this unpleasant situation, then the first thing you should do is re-apply to a trusted or at least trustworthy bureau. It is clear that a dirty, shabby desk in the basement of a residential building will cast doubt on the quality of their service. So, what do we need to bring with us when we reapply for a transfer? Almost all clients make the same mistake, and so that you do not fall into their number, remember the following. It is imperative to have the original text, an unsuccessful translation and a good mood with you.

For some reason, everyone who applied for a translation check forgets to bring the original version with them, probably believing that the translator, as a psychic, will be able to independently determine what it was made from. If you suddenly want to see all the changes with your own eyes, you can ask the translator to highlight his corrections. It is clear that the second time you will be more demanding and strict, but do not overdo it, because the employee of the translation center is not to blame for what happened. Treat him or his work with respect, and a quality result will not keep you waiting.

Learn to prioritize!

Everyone has heard the saying about free cheese, and so they will not test it for themselves. Having coveted a low price and fast deadlines, you can remain dissatisfied, and then you will have to re-spend both nerves and money. Our agency will be able to realize any wishes from the first time, without the need to re-apply.

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