What Difference Can A New Driveway Make To Your Home?

Whether you plan to enjoy living in your home for many years to come, or want to revamp it in the interests of selling it for a profit, a professionally installed driveway can make all the difference.

With the right local installer, and the right driveway paving slabs, you could elevate not just the kerb appeal of your home, but its accessibility and functionality, too. 

Among the top 5 home improvements to help a property sell for more (and ideally, quicker) are driveways, meaning that if you’re looking for an aspect of renovation that will give you a great return on your investment, a driveway could well be it. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the different types of driveway you could have professionally installed:

An asphalt driveway

For those homeowners searching for a clean, smooth and crisp look from a driveway, you can’t go far wrong with a driveway made from asphalt. Cheaper to install than driveways made from some other materials, asphalt driveways aren’t just an affordable option, but a practical one, too, since they are relatively durable and can be made to blend seamlessly in with existing paths and roadways that may well be tarmacked. 

A gravel and stone concrete driveway

For homeowners concerned about burglaries and intruders, a driveway made from gravel and stone can be an excellent choice, as they are virtually impossible to walk on without making a sound; alerting anyone inside the home to their presence. While this option is affordable, it does typically require a lot of maintenance, so may not be the right choice if you want a driveway that you can simply leave to do its job, all year round. 

A porcelain slab driveway

You may not have heard of porcelain driveway slabs as they are quite a new and innovative product, but once you’ve tried them, you may want them not just on your driveway, but throughout your entire home!

Boasting superior strength when compared to other driveway materials, and extremely long lasting due to their low levels of porosity, stain, scratch and frost-resistant qualities, porcelain driveway slabs are a fantastic option in terms of longevity and aesthetic appeal. Available to buy in a wide range of colours, styles and textures, when installed by a professional paving company, can be customized to perfectly complement all manner of architectural designs and landscaping themes, and create a real visual centerpiece.  

Easy to install (by professionals) and weather-resistant, porcelain driveway slabs are an environmentally friendly and stylish way to add a chic look to your home, while maintaining a simple and safe way to access the property and garage. 

A block paving driveway

While not quite as luxurious and long lasting as porcelain slabs, concrete or stone effect block paving slabs can get the job done almost as well, and are also available in an array of colours, styles, textures and designs. Functional, practical, and a common choice for anyone on a budget, a block paving driveway could help you improve accessibility to your home and make it look more formal and inviting. 

A resin-bound driveway

With so many colours to choose from, a resin-bound driveway could give you the exact colour combination you’re looking for, but with a higher maintenance cost to keep it looking at its best, a resin-bound driveway might not be the best option for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance option. 

A new driveway is always a great investment, provided the work is carried out by experienced paving contractors. Should you wish to upgrade the exterior of your home and make it look even more stylish – whether for you to enjoy, or for the purposes of making it more attractive to prospective buyers – it might be worth considering porcelain paving slabs, for their longevity and enhanced curb appeal.


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