What Is a Plastic Postcard, and How to Use It

What Is a Plastic Postcard, and How to Use It

If you think postcards are obsolete, think again. A plastic postcard has gained more popularity than its traditional counterparts. What you will love most about plastic postcards is that they don’t limit you in terms of expressing your creativity. They allow for full glossy color digital printing on the front and back, which makes them more striking and noticeable to prospects.

Plus, you can add just anything to them. From discounts, special offers, contact information, and more. 

How is a plastic postcard designed?

Most designers like to use a minimalist approach when designing postcards. They will add a picture here, a call to action there, and your contact details. That’s it! 

You will benefit from one of the below by using plastic postcards:

  • You will be able to increase brand awareness easily.
  • You can use postcards to promote your products or services.
  • You can use a plastic postcard to target a specific market.
  • You can use plastic postcards to introduce a new product.
  • You can use a plastic postcard to remind existing customers about your brand.
  • You can use a plastic postcard to entice new customers into your business.
  • A plastic postcard has a durable design, which means it can last for months before prospects discard it.
  • You can use a postcard to address it to a particular customer.


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