What Is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is an application that allows phone users to route incoming calls to alternate numbers or phones. This app can be used for home phones or cell phones. *72 or *73 are the two numbers that most service providers use for their customers to set up call forwarding on their phones. With some providers, you do not need to use the phone lines from which calls will be forwarded. This app is useful for people who are constantly traveling or on the go, therefore they are in different locations daily or weekly. The cost of accessing this service, however, depends on the operator and the telephone service plan.

Let’s look at call forwarding in detail now.

The first step is to find out about service providers’ call forwarding options by going to their websites or using their customer service hotline. Telephone companies advise customers to contact their representatives to set up forwarding services on their phones.

Before using *73 or *72 to forward your calls, it is advisable to first confirm with your operator that these are the numbers they use. Most companies, however, use both. If they use these numbers, just dial *72 and then the numbers where you want your calls to be automatically forwarded. Dialing *73 disables the app.

Dialing *92 and the forwarding number, prevents answering calls after ringing several times.

To turn off this service, dial *93

To forward if there is no answer or when the tone is busy dial *68 and the diversion number. deactivating
this service is done by dialing *88.

You can also redirect forwarded calls that get a busy tone to another number by dialing *90. This takes the call to another alternate number. Disabling the service is done by dialing *91.


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