What Is the Reason for The Explosion of Interest in Cloud Big Data?

cloud big data

In this modern digital age, an enormous amount of information and data is created, managed, analyzed, and stored at an incomparable growth rate. Big Data is dynamic and often so large that it is beyond the capacity of database systems and analytical software. Different scopes of the Cloud Big Data can be characterized with the help of three V: volume, variety, and velocity.

The key objective of Big Data is to process a complex and unlimited amount of data collected by organizations, online intermediaries, and financial institutions.

Talking about the physical world, energy meters and smartphones create extra metadata that is sent back to corporate servers. Social media platforms are one of the most popular examples of big data in the cloud because billions of data are generated daily. Over the past decade, a decline in the price of digital storage has been observed, with some progress in both physical and online storage models.

The Explosion of Interest in Cloud Big Data 

This uprising has shown a promising impact in the field of technology with its exponential growth. The companies, commercial insights, and government representatives have shifted their focus on cloud big data to utilize the features to handle and store a large volume of data systematically. 

Today, most actions leave a digital trail. Most of the time, we generate data whenever we talk to a friend through social media platforms or post a picture, using embedded sensors in the industrial sector to collect and transmit data. Therefore, you can say that every digital action or step you take leaves digital traces that gather in large volumes, making it impossible for the databases to store them.       

Data plays an important role in changing many fundamentals of our daily lives. Multiple industries have shown great interest in using cloud big data to make coordinated decisions. There are multiple reasons for different stakeholders’ explosion of interest in Big Data. 

This article will elaborate on some of the key reasons that have boosted the importance of Big Data and the interest of organizations towards it.

Handling Routine Tasks and Saving Time

With the advancements of computer systems and smart devices in the field of technology, accessing information has become relatively quite easy. You can now find any type of information you want with just one click. 

In recent times, the development of advanced software programs along with Artificial Intelligence enables users to analyze the data by running different programs. Cleaning data sets and pattern-finding tasks eliminate human errors that may arise. The use of cloud big data helps businesses bring enhancements to their structure, performance, and the capability to analyze huge data.

Reduction in Costs for Your Business

Suppose a business has released an advertisement that has been badly affected by negative reviews, due to which a decrease in loyal customers was seen. Cloud Big Data gives us a nice understanding of customer behaviors, correlations between distinctive events, and other useful information. With the help of this approach, a business can review its business decisions and customer reactions to what they like and whatnot. 

Big Data is not limited to just businesses selling a product; even businesses operating in manufacturing can also benefit from it. Another characteristic of big data is that it setups manufacturing processes and automation service tasks such as the creation of portals and collection of reviews.

Efficient Use of Big Data in Education

The use of Big Data in the field of education has brought multiple benefits to the students and research workers. The ability to monitor educational systems is the most prominent change that big data has given to the educational sector. The cloud big data has made it easier for students to upload, download, and search for specific courses through these systems. The development of a learning management system (LMS) is a successful project that came to exist through the collaboration of Big Data and educational systems. 

The use of big data with education has benefited the students as well as the teachers by allowing them to create assignments and tests with an automated grading system. The quality of automation provided by big data-based systems has resulted in a better learning experience for students. This is one of the key reasons for the explosion of interest in Cloud Big Data. 

Big Data Usage in Different Sectors

The integration of big data-based systems has helped enormous organizations to have an advantage over inefficient rivals. Organizations’ effective use of big data has already shaken established business models and industries. 

Talking about the health sector, big data has provided a cloud-based platform that allows patients to store personal health information from various sources on a single online stack. With the help of sensors, big data has shifted the manufacturing sector into a service-providing industry by allowing companies to monitor their product and report them in case if it requires repairing. 

The use of cloud big data in the retail sector has changed businesses forever. The big data-based systems enable them to track the customers’ purchasing patterns and help them make suitable predictions about seasonal buying patterns. This habit of tracking and analyses makes them superior to their competitors.   

Analyzing Social Platforms

The social media platform is a medium through which users can communicate with other individuals and instantaneously share their ideas and opinions. It acts as a bridge between people all over the world. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are the most popular social media mediums being used worldwide. For this purpose, it is important for organizations to establish a presence on such platforms and to get connected with their customers.

However, the data generated by these platforms is quite large in volume. From clicking on an account, liking a picture, watching a video, to downloading, each process leaves digital traces in the form of a huge bulk of data. The usage of big data has helped these organizations to analyze the huge bulk of data of these platforms. The organizations can then use this information to make various decisions like providing users with promotions, discounts and even providing the best recommendations.

Final Verdict

These are the main reasons behind the exploding interest in big data. Cloud Big data has an exciting future ahead. All the capabilities it possesses will surely reach another level in the coming time. The amount of data will continue to grow at an unexpected rate. It is important to understand big data, and the correct approach towards it will bring better value to our lives.