What Should You Do After Being Charged With a Crime?

What Should You Do After Being Charged With a Crime

Simply put, nobody ever expects to be in handcuffs or spend a night in jail behind bars. After all, it is very hurtful to one’s self-worth and reputation. Even if a person isn’t guilty, being charged with a felony can take a big toll on their personal, academic, and professional life. Today, thousands of people are charged with a felony every day. As a result, they start looking for an attorney or a bail bond agent who can help them walk out of the courtroom with a clean chit. In this feature, we will shed light on things you should do after being charged with a crime:

Remain Silent

As a rule of thumb, it is best to remain silent.no matter how much you’re forced by the cops to spill the beans about the incident, staying silent is the best strategy. Or, if you utter a word taken out of context, it could be used against you. Unless you don’t visit the law office yourself or call your attorney, it is your right to remain silent. Or, if you don’t speak, officers will take it as turning hostile, so it is best to remain silent unless the criminal defense attorney isn’t on their way. 

Ask About Charges

If you are unaware of what has just happened, you can ask the cops about the charges. After all, hearing them again will help you get a better understanding of the situation. Unless you don’t know why you’ve been locked behind bars, pursuing your case with a criminal defense attorney will be of no use. It is your right as the accused to know about the charges. After all, you should have complete information on what’s going on. When charges are not decided in the beginning, most attorneys and their clients engage in verbal spat. 

Be polite

If you’re innocent but have still got caught up in the middle of a tough situation, try to be patient and never lose your calm. Be polite with the cops and share anything that you know. You will be 100% sure that nothing has been done, but still, you’ll have to be a little nice with the police officer. There’s never a solid reason to resist arrest, which will only cause more damage to the case in the future. And, if you aren’t good with handling such a situation yourself. Call the criminal defense attorney in time. 

Call a Lawyer

Once you are aware of the charges and have the opportunity to make a phone call, get in touch with the criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. Unless you have bail bonds to urgently walk out of jail, you’ll have to call a top-notch attorney to help you in this case. When hiring a criminal defense attorney, consider various factors to find the most sought-after person. Check if the attorney has enough experience of working in the industry. Secondly, see if the lawyer offers emotional support too as well or not.