What to Do If My Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Internet?

Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Internet

If your Netgear extender is not connecting to the internet, then you must try the fixes mentioned in this article. Here, you will get to know some of the top fixes that will help you troubleshoot the issue in a fly.

So, continue reading and get rid of Netgear extender not connecting to internet issue.

Why Is Your Netgear Extender Giving You Issues While Connecting to Internet?

Before you start fixing the internet-related issue, you first need to identify the reason behind it. Highlighted below are some important factors that might be stopping your Netgear extender from connecting to the internet. Keep scrolling down!

  • Netgear extender not connecting to router
  • Extender placed too close or too far from your router
  • Corrupted or outdated firmware on your Netgear extender
  • Issues from your ISP end
  • Partial or incomplete Netgear extender setup
  • Using worn out or damaged Ethernet cable
  • Extender not getting sufficient power supply
  • Netgear device plugged into a damaged or fluctuated wall outlet

That’s it! Now you can follow the troubleshooting tips outlined underneath to resolve Netgear extender not connecting to router issue. Scroll down a little!

Fixed: Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Fix 1: Check the Connection Between Your Netgear Extender and Router

Start by checking the connection between your Netgear WiFi extender and router. Make sure that the connection is secure and strong enough. Also, it is recommended that you check the Ethernet cable. It must not be damaged or worn-out. On the off chance if you have an Ethernet cable that isn’t well-maintained then swap it immediately or try connecting your devices using a wireless source.

Once you’re done, check the connection between your devices whether it has been successfully established or not by accessing Netgear Genie setup wizard using mywifiext.net web address. If mywifiext.net not working for you, use the extender’s default IP address instead.

Fix 2: Contact Your ISP

Chances are that your internet service provider is the culprit. To confirm, contact your service provider and ask him to fix the slow internet issue for you. Also, ask him to upgrade your internet plan.

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Fix 3: Place Your Netgear Extender Closer to Router

The distance between your Netgear WiFi range extender and router can also be one of the biggest reasons behind the issue. Therefore, ensure that your devices are placed closer to each other. But, do not place your extender and router close enough. Otherwise, your devices WiFi signals won’t take much time to clash.

Once you’re done with the placement process, check the internet connectivity between your devices by accessing www.mywifiext.net web address.

Fix 4: Update the Firmware of Your Netgear Extender

Performing Netgear extender firmware update is another thing that you can do to fix the issue in a hassle-free way. Don’t worry! Updating Netgear extender firmware isn’t a rocket science. All you have to do is to log in to your Netgear extender via mywifiext and follow the on-screen prompts.

Fix 5: Configure Your Netgear Extender Properly

After following the aforementioned fixes, if you are still unable to get rid of the Netgear extender not connecting to internet issue, then ensure that  you have configure your WiFi range extender in a proper manner. Wondering how to setup Netgear extender? Wonder no more! Simply drop us a line into the comments section and get your extender configured within minutes.

In a Nutshell

As soon as you are done with Netgear extender setup process, your slow internet issue will surely get fixed. Do share your feedback with us. And, if you have any other suggestion in mind that can help other to fix the issue, without hesitation – share it with your fellow readers.