What to Look for When Purchasing a Pellet Grill

pellet smoker

In the early 1980s, companies started experimenting with utilising wood pellets as cooking fuel. They likely had no idea how successful their idea would become. Since then, grill companies have made significant advancements in pellet smoker devices, including new cooking methods, improved temperature control, and more. 

Although the use of pellets as a grilling fuel is novel in and of itself, the true innovation lies in the performance of wood pellet smokers. Their reliability is unparalleled, and many versions come with pre-set cooking cycles for various cuts of meat. Furthermore, these grills are among the most straightforward outdoor cooking machines; you plug them in, select the temperature, and walk away. The meteoric rise in pellet cooker popularity in recent years is easy to explain. The question is how to narrow down all the possibilities to the one that best suits you. If you follow this detailed article, which covers everything you’ll need to know, you’ll soon have the smoker of your dreams in your garden.

Precisely what are pellet grills?

These devices can keep temps low and steady and heat up to grilling levels. Just a few grills reach temperatures above 700 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered dangerously high. The pellet grill also has natural gas side burners built into its barrel. Even the remainder can grill to a lesser extent; nevertheless, it is vital to keep in mind that these grills were primarily designed for smoking and baking at lower temperatures; don’t go overboard.

You Can Customise Your Pellet Grill However You Like

Pellet Grills that Can Stand Alone

Most pellet smokers are freestanding models, making it easy to move them about the yard. The pellet grills are one example of a model that includes a storage room and workspace on either the bottom or sides, while the gas side burner seen on the Wi-Fi pellet smoker is another.

Grilling Stations with Integrated Pellet Stoves

Most BBQ islands use gas grills; however, there are also pellet grills that may be installed. Only in the Luxury category will you find built-in pellet cookers, which will be made from stainless steel for an attractive appearance even when placed in the open air.

What do you mean by “vertical pellet smokers”?

Vertical pellet smokers are built for slow cooking at a low temperature, whereas horizontal pellet grills may be used for cooking in various methods. They can reach temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but in exchange, they can maintain temperatures as low as 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for smoking delicate foods like salmon. Vertical smokers are similar to electric smokers in that they stand vertically, but they use gravity to feed wood pellets into the combustion chamber. Pellet smokers, which include a water pan and a full-view glass integrated into the design, are excellent instances of this minimalist style.


When it comes to cooking, wood pellet grills are essentially hands-off. The trick is in their temperature controls, which adjust the number of pellets burned and the intensity of the fire to meet the user’s preferences for heat and smoke. Recent technological advancements have led to a meteoric demand for PID controllers; however, some older devices are still in use. Many new devices have introduced ease to new heights by equipping PID controllers with touch displays, Wi-Fi, smartphone applications, and integrated recipes.