Why Is It Vital To Know The Cost Of Data Recovery For A Backup Strategy?

If you are one of them desperately searching for Salesforce data recovery cost, you are at the right place because here in this article, I will tell you the complete details about it. It happens very often that your ‘Salesforce’ file gets corrupted and makes everything lost like contacts, email ids, notes, calendars, etc. But don’t worry; there is always a solution for every problem.

This article will give you the tips that may help you recover your files from corruption issues. The commonly faced problems while recovering files are: 

File getting deleted unintentionally

Many times, while working on a computer, they accidentally delete the necessary files they needed most. File getting corrupted due to software/hardware failure: Even if you have an excellent system configuration, there is always a chance of file corruption. If your file get corrupted, then it won’t open and makes everything worse.

Virus attack

Virus, malware, or any other harmful things may destroy all the data present in the system. It will help you recover your lost or deleted files from the Salesforce database or contacts list etc., by using some third-party tool. This article will provide some information about it. There are many online and offline tools available on the internet which can help you while helping you with effective troubleshooting steps while recovering the ‘Salesforce’ database. You can go with some free tools while some completely charge.

Important Note: Using any third-party tool is better than using in-built recovery features provided by ‘Salesforce’.

Download & install the trial version of ‘Salesforce data recovery cost’ software on your system and launch it. This will start scanning for corrupted or lost files on your system. After that, you have to select the file you want to recover and save it into another drive or folder on your computer. It works very well even if the files are severely corrupted due to a virus attack etc. This tool has a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI), which makes it easy for all types of users who can use it very well. So, why wait anymore? Just go ahead and get your hands on this effective ‘Salesforce data recovery cost’ software.

How costly is it?

In general, Salesforce data recovery is a costly service. Most organizations that use analyze Salesforce data recovery cost while using Salesforce-based applications will have to consider the costs of a Salesforce data recovery solution for their organization. A new study by Computer Economics highlights how much an average business could expect to pay in terms of funds and time to recover from a complete loss of all its Salesforce records.

The result: On average, it takes about three months to restore lost salesforce information, and the price tag comes out at $30000 per TB (yes, that’s terabyte). You can calculate your costs using our Salesforce Disaster Recovery Cost Calculator below. 

Making sure you’re ready when disaster strikes are critical for any company running an online business. While many companies invest in Salesforce disaster recovery solutions, it’s important to examine all the associated costs of a failure, including labor. Although preventive measures help protect your data from damage or deletion, accidents happen, and you will need to plan for them if you want to stay profitable. 

Salesforce Disaster Recovery Calculator 

It can give you an idea of the cost involved when recovering from different disasters that could strike your online business – accidental user deletions, malicious deletions, corruption of records due to power outages, viruses, etc. All these events happen without notice, so it is impossible to build a budget around them unless you have an effective Salesforce backup solution in place. Since there are several types of Salesforce backup solutions, we have broken them down into four different categories:

Full Salesforce backup solution

A total Salesforce backup solution backs up all your organization’s data, both new and old. This is the best option for restoring your entire organization following a disaster because it guarantees that all of your records are ultimately recoverable. However, such a solution will typically be the most expensive to maintain financially and in terms of the labor time required. 

Incremental Salesforce backup solution

An incremental Salesforce backup only backs up data created after you started using this particular type of Salesforce data recovery service. If you choose this option, make sure you have a reliable process in place to manage older backups, or else they might become obsolete before you even realize it. You should also note that, since the incremental Salesforce backup solution backs up new data only, your system will need to generate a complete Salesforce backup on some regular basis – typically, every day. 

Reverse Incremental Salesforce backup solution

This type of Salesforce data recovery service is the exact opposite of the option described above. Instead of backing up new records and deleting older ones as time passes, this option copies old information. It deletes anything generated after you started using this particular service to back up your organization’s data. While relatively cheap and easy to manage in terms of labour effort required, organizations should use such technology with caution because it may turn out to be impractical or impossible to restore all their vital records.

Salesforce virtual copies

The simplest and least expensive type of Salesforce backup is the ‘Salesforce virtual copy.’ This option creates a complete but temporary backup regularly (for example, every day). You can restore this data as needed. However, such an approach will only protect you from accidental deletions; it will not guard against other types of losses, such as power outages.

It’s also important to understand that the costs associated with restoring your organization’s lost or corrupted data can vary greatly depending on whether they are one-time or ongoing expenses. We have calculated average annual costs separately for each Salesforce backup solution above. 

So how much would an average business expect to pay? Here are some examples

Small business 1,000 subscribers: The following table provides a breakdown of the expected annual costs for a small business with 1,000 Salesforce users. We assumed this organisation employs 20 people and needs to recover from both accidental deletions and other types of disasters every year. The numbers shown in the ‘annual costs’ column include one-time charges (such as equipment cost) and ongoing expenses (such as technician salaries). The percentage figure beside each type of Salesforce backup service represents the approximate part these costs play out of the complete forecasted annual price tag.

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