Why should you use incontinence pads?

Why should you use incontinence pads

Nearly 400 million men and women of all ages are affected by urinary incontinence. Treatments can solve the problem, but you need hygiene products like Molicare to manage it. Liners, pads, and disposable underwear help you to handle incontinence problems. Mild, moderate, or even severe symptoms can be controlled using these products. They have waterproof backing that prevents overflow from reaching your clothes. Pads and liners are made in a variety of shapes and styles. You can easily find the right one to fit your body shape and lifestyle.

Salient features of incontinence pads

Better absorption

Incontinence pads have super absorbent polymers that turn into a gel form when liquid touches them.  This polymer can absorb fluids quickly and efficiently. They also retain a large amount of liquid, higher than their mass, and absorb it at a higher speed. Menstrual pads have lesser absorption power, and you cannot use them as incontinence pads.

Lesser infections

The gel in incontinence pads prevents skin infections caused by prolonged exposure to urine. Sometimes these infections can lead to pressure sores, urinary tract infections, and renal disorders. By keeping you dry, the pads help in preventing infections.

Odour control

Incontinence pads eliminate the unpleasant odour by pulling the urine away from the skin and neutralising the pH levels. Odour is controlled and reduces skin irritation. Some manufacturers place odour sorbent material in between the layers.

Elastic barriers

The barriers are made of non-woven material with elastic inside. The pads provide more comfort to the skin because it has no exposed poly edges. It protects the skin by preventing leakage and helps to maintain better skin health.

Types of incontinence products

Pads: Pads can be worn inside the underwear, and it is used to manage mild incontinence. It protects the skin from excess moisture and is available in various absorbency levels.

Liners: Liners are thin and similar to pads. They help to manage light incontinence and are worn inside the underwear. They come in various absorbency levels.

Underwears: Disposable underwear helps people with mild to severe incontinence. They have elastics to give a snug fit and come in varying absorbency levels.

Diapers: Diapers are made of breathable material and have a waterproof lining to prevent leakage. They are for people with mild to severe incontinence issues and are available in various absorbency levels. It can keep the skin dry and healthy.

Finding the right incontinence products

Incontinence pads make it easy for you to work and sleep without worrying about spoiling your clothes. To enhance your comfort level, buy the ones that meet your needs.

Right absorbency

Incontinence pads come in different absorbency levels. Choosing one with the right absorbency is necessary to stop worrying about leakage and avoid embarrassing situations.

Right product

Incontinence products include liners, pads, diapers, and disposable underwear. It is better to use a product in which you feel comfortable and confident. Choosing the right product also depends upon the level of absorption you need.

Right fit

The incontinence product you choose must fit you well. It should give you sufficient protection and stay concealed. It is possible by selecting a product with desired absorption level and the right fit.

Right clothing

While wearing incontinence products, it is crucial to wear the correct type of clothing to help you keep your incontinence issues private. Avoid wearing skinny-fit jeans and pants to eliminate visibility issues.

Sudden, unavoidable leakage of urine causes anxiety. Incontinence products from brands like Molicare help you deal with incontinence issues confidently. Doing good research followed by a careful selection can help you find a product that keeps away leakage and soiling.

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