Why Visit A Private Gynaecologist?

private gynaecologist

There has been a lot of awareness on the importance of visiting a private gynaecologist. However, many people wonder why seeing a private gynaecologist is necessary and how it is different.  

With a private gynaecologist, there are several benefits, ranging from patient-centred care to high-grade care facilities. Most people feel more confident visiting a specialist in women’s health when they have specific health challenges.  

Visiting private gynaecology clinics, whether for an abortion, minor surgery or concerns about your gynaecological health, you will likely get the following benefits.

  • Longer opening hours

Managing a busy schedule usually makes it almost impossible to schedule an appointment within the working hours available in public healthcare. However, most private gynaecologists are available outside the usual 9 – 5, and you can schedule an appointment that is convenient and fits into your busy schedule.

  • Quick access to appointments and less waiting time

In most cases, when health issues arise, immediate care is necessary. If you have to wait for several weeks for an appointment, your health issue may become worse and leave you uncomfortable. Walk in doctors in London and specialists are available, so you have faster access to healthcare services at your desired time.

Private gynaecologists also give you peace of mind because you won’t have to endure symptoms that keep you uncomfortable for an extended period.

  • Longer appointments

Private gynaecologists also offer longer appointments times. This means you won’t be subjected to sharing your concerns and worries in only ten minutes. If you schedule appointments at any of your desired gynaecology clinics, you can carefully explain your symptoms, have an exam and diagnosis with no rush. This allows the consultant to identify the problem properly.

  • Choose your desired gynaecologist at every appointment

At a private gynaecology clinic, you are free to choose your preferred gynaecologist whenever you need to see a specialist. This is important because gynaecological visits involve discussing private issues and sometimes uncomfortable examinations which require someone you feel comfortable with.  

  • Shorter turnaround time for test results

Waiting for weeks to get your test results can be unsettling, but with a private gynaecology clinic, you can get your results within a shorter period. Some tests results can even come in 24 hours, depending on the type.

  • Remote appointments

Some clinics offer appointments via video and telephone calls. These consultations are suitable for those with a busy schedule that prevents them from making traditional appointments. If you have a gynaecological issue, but can’t visit the clinic to see a specialist, a remote appointment allows you access to doctors in London, specialising in women’s health and treatment, if necessary.  

If you want to see a private gynaecologist, call Private GPs London now on 020 7359 9880 to schedule an appointment within a short time.  

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