Why Yoga Is Important For Trauma Survivors?

Life is like a puzzle sometimes we can easily solve it and sometimes it stays complicated and hard to resist. When we check today’s life of us and others, everything is very stressful, feels like no one is happy. Well, some people can easily handle their minor to major issues, but some are unable to do so and become very affected. 

Trauma – is a very dangerous thing that can easily play up one’s mind and destroys their life badly. It is said that mental sickness is way more dangerous than physical issues, hence it must be treated as soon as possible. Trauma is called a psychological or emotional response to an event or an experience that is deeply distressing, disappointing and disturbing. Traumatic events, like- an accident, death of a loved one, divorce, victim of any violence, rape and other few or more related things can upset anyone badly and they start behaving abnormally. They may become addicted to bad things, often get a lot of anger,  fear all the time, may suffer from insomnia, disconnect themselves from society and do other abnormal activities that will simply destroy their lives. 

If you find anybody very disturbed and destroying their lives completely by sitting in the home all the time, you must consult with the psychologists and at the same time can inspire such people to go with the yoga. Yes, yoga is not all about helping you to be fit and healthy but healing one’s mind and offering them a lot of positive thoughts. If you are one of the trauma survivors and would like to make your life the best or get back to your normal routine, you just carry forward with yoga and forget everything you have struggled with.  The best yoga poses and breathing exercises will provide great healing to people dealing with trauma, as well as they can easily fill up their emotional scars while boosting their physical well-being. It is possible and various people have succeeded in shaping their lives and living life to the fullest. You must know that we live one life and this life is so special, hence if you find it full of complexities and very hard, just try solving all issues with yoga and a better thought process. 

Yoga is actually the best to go with, but at the same time, you need to focus on having the best yoga instructors who will help in teaching trauma-related yoga poses and other practices, like meditating with your eyes shut, perfect breathing and other techniques that will make you feel good. Joining a yoga school in Rishikesh is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation

Yoga is absolutely one of the best and most affordable ways to help people with trauma recovery because-

Balance The Nervous System

Yoga can help in balancing the nervous system which helps in healing anxiety, anger, depression, and restlessness. There are various amazing yoga poses, like- the child pose, extended puppy pose, chair pose, Warrior II pose and various others that will stimulate, soothe, and balance the nervous system will make one’s mental and emotional health perfect. 

Eliminate all stress and disappointments

Trauma survivors often feel so stressed and get lots of negative thoughts all the time, which leads to stressful and life-threatening situations. But, yoga practise can waive all stress, toxic relationships, the challenges of addiction recovery and other various conditions easily. 

Mind and body connection

Regular practice of yoga is known to provide very healthily the mind-body connection and offers great opportunities to people to heal down, be happy and grow. As yoga can easily address stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction recovery, as well as naturally decrease cortisol levels will give a person complete mental rest and wellness. 

So, for Trauma survivors, it is important to go with practising yoga for taking full advantage of the opportunities around us and live life to the fullest. 


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