Why You Should Always Microchip Your New Pet

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Everyone has heard heart-breaking stories of pets going missing, wishing there could be a way to make it easier for them to be found. This solution exists and is called microchipping. This might not be a worry for all pet owners, but dogs and cats especially are known to run away and get lost. So, what is microchipping and why should you consider it for your pet?

Brings Your Pet Home

Microchipping means that pets can easily be traced back to their owners and address. This means that if they are lost, or get stolen, there is an increased chance of them getting home safely. When vets and shelters first receive a found pet, they immediately scan to search for a microchip. This can reduce anxiety when letting pets outside. Microchipping should be considered because without it, if a pet is found, there is no way to identify its owners and return them home.

Painless Procedure

Microchipping is done by a qualified practitioner who inserts a chip under the pet’s skin using a needle and special syringe. This does not require surgery or anesthesia, meaning it is a minimally invasive and typically painless procedure. Plus, when pets are checked for a microchip using a scanner, they do not feel it at all. This makes microchipping safe from start to finish. Some owners worry about putting their pets through pain, but they can rest assured that this is not the case.

The best place to get your pet microchipped is a veterinary clinic. You can find vets in Fort Mill SC or in your area that offer the services by searching online.

Cannot be Tampered With

The typical solution owners opt for is a tag on their pet’s collar that contains contact information. This can be helpful, but it is not durable and can be taken off or damaged. Microchips are secure as not only are they difficult for strangers to locate on the animal but changing the information in the chip requires passing multiple security checks. This means that microchipping cannot be tampered with and is a safe option for keeping contact information on pets. 

Permanent Results

Microchips have no expiry and last a lifetime. This means the benefits are permanent if owners consistently update the information when it changes. The way microchips are inserted means that they will stay secure no matter what. However, for peace of mind to ensure the chip is functioning properly, a quick scan can be done every year. Other than this, microchipping does not require any maintenance. 

You should consider microchipping to permanently increase the chances of being reunited with your pet if they get lost or stolen. It is a painless procedure that is minimally invasive and quickly over, so it is worth considering when you get a pet. If the information is regularly updated and yearly scans to check the chip are kept up, no other maintenance is needed. With a quick visit to the vet, you can have peace of mind when letting your pet go outside, knowing that they can be traced back to you within seconds.