Why You Should Visit Singapore And Southeast Asia In 2022?

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There is mystery, magic, and wonderment when travelers plan their visits to Singapore or Southeast Asia in 2022. Of course, you can do it too. Either be it with your friends, families, spouses, or go alone. 

Each trip to Singapore or nearby locations would be the best ever in 2022. Learn about the reasons that depict the lifestyle guide Singapore. This way, you can make your next trip to Singapore seamless and more beautiful. 

Reasons To Travel To Singapore And Southeast Asia In 2022:

Celestial Celebrations!

2022 is Singapore’s 50th year of independence. 9th August will be the biggest independence parade this year. There will be the launch of Jubilee Walk, the Singapore National Gallery opening ceremony, and streams of annual events: Chingay. 

Seriously shopping till you drop!

Street and supermarket shopping episodes are famous in Singapore and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Korea. There is always a main mall and bazaar area in most countries. 

You can buy exquisite items to take back home for your friends and families. Impress your loved ones with historical items too. When you shop in the main bazaar, items are pretty affordable. 

That’s majorly because you can bargain at the stalls on the street most of the time. However, you already get stuff at very reasonable prices in malls or supermarkets. But there are branded stores too which you can explore if budget isn’t a problem. 

Travel freely around Singapore at certain locations.

First of all, Southeast Asian countries are the best for travelers who love walking around and exploring. That is because these countries have many roads and hidden gems to explore hidden between localities and societal areas. 

Most of these hidden jams are free to explore by the general public. So each visit to historical ruins or monuments can give you a memorable experience. 

You can go hiking, treks, fly kiting at Marina Barrage, and attend live music band performances for free in Singapore. 

Gain a divine drinking experience like never before.

Singapore is the land of creative and crazy cocktails. If you love drinking, this is the country you must explore first on your list in 2022. You can opt for exclusive cocktail hours by asking your guide for it. 

Research about it online at local tour sites in Singapore. Connect with local travelers to know more about local cocktail tours going around. Most of these trips are cheap and affordable if your budget is low. 

But make sure to visit rooftop bars in Singapore for an exclusive experience. Few such bars are Ku de Ta, Long Bar, and Altitude. There is a legendary Singapore Sling you can get there to taste and experience. 

Glorious gardens – highly eye-pleasing.

Singapore’s skyline is every traveler’s dream to witness. That is why you must visit the Garden by the Bay. It’s the best indoor garden in this country to date. 

It inhabits about 500,00 plant species as of now. These plants have come from every other continent or country except Antarctica. 

So when you travel to this indoor garden, you will be amazed. You would want to click so many pictures here. Plant and gardening lovers wouldn’t even want to leave this place once they enter. 

There are gigantic artificial trees planted in this garden. They lighten up with the help of solar panels or tools. This again creates an enigmatic and magical experience to witness. 

Explore sensational expeditions.

Countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore are known for expeditions. However, the sub rosa way in Singapore is outstanding and extraordinary. Walk here around Lazarus Island to witness yourself. 

While expediting here, you can kayak and marvel at the natural beauty of Mandai Mangroves. 

Then, these expeditions end up with password-protected bars, which your tour guides can help you with. You can relax and unwind after an afternoon full of kayaking and exploring multiple small islands.  

Mythical Merlion

It’s the ultimate symbol of the Singapore tour. Your journey to this country should not ever be complete without visiting Mythical Merlion. This statue or symbol is the head of a lion and the body of a fish. It portrays the history of Singapore very well. 

You can go there to witness the beauty of the symbol and marvel again at the beauty of the fountain. In addition, people mull here to take pictures and videos for their social media networks and friends and family back home. 

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