Will an Alcohol Detox Center Treat Cocaine Addiction?

alcohol detox center

Cocaine is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States of America. While it is illegal to obtain and carry cocaine, it is still the most widely used drug. People who are addicted to cocaine need immediate care and medical attention. That is why it is important to seek medical intervention from a center that provides detox services. If you are someone who is confused if an alcohol detox center can provide assistance in case of cocaine addiction, then you need not worry.

Alcohol Addiction and Cocaine Addiction are Not very Different

Alcohol addiction is another common addiction and hence there are many centers that provide detox treatment for that. However, the basic principles behind the detox treatment are the same and hence these centers are also drug detox centers in real sense. 

Alcohol remains for a shorter period of time in the body while cocaine stays for a relatively longer time. Alcohol remains in the bloodstream for a matter of hours and cocaine is persistent for 3 to 4 days. 

Cocaine Addiction is Worse than Alcohol Addiction

Since cocaine stays for a longer period in the body, the effects of the drug are worse than alcohol. The illegality of the drug also makes it hard to find the right kind of support and medical care. The taboo and legal problems associated with the drug makes it hard to share the problem even with family members. That is why you need to join a Drug Detox Austin center. There are many leading centers in the city that provide reliable detox. Once you have completed the detox, then you can safely shift to the longer rehab process. Even after complete detox, many people find the urge and craving for cocaine to last longer. Such cravings could resurface again after 5 to 10 weeks too. This is why it is important to shift to the rehab for a more continuous and consistent care. This way, you can get all the care that you need to come out of the addiction.

Detox Helps in Removing Cocaine from your System

Medically assisted detox for cocaine is important as there is a huge medical risk associated with the detox process. Unsupervised detox process can lead to unexpected consequences such as anaphylactic shocks, nausea, irritability, headache, soreness, dizziness, fevers, chills and even death. So, always get medical supervision from an experienced medical professional. This is why most doctors recommend against the home-made detox process.

Medical Care is Important for a Worry-free Detox Process

Without proper medical supervision, you could end up hurting yourself or hurting others in the process. Either way, it is highly dangerous and never recommended to carry out the process in your home. You will harm yourself more than the addiction. So, reach out to the closest center to you. You will get all the urgent care that you need to become a strong and confident individual. Stop wasting your time and life. Become the best version of yourself today.