Wishing You an Unapologetic Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

In today’s society, it is not politically correct to wish others Christmas greetings. And yet Christ carried his cross for us, knowing full well that his message of reconciliation and redemption would not be popular with the political and social elite. The least I can do is pick up my own little cross and risk a blank stare or harsh word in return.

Perhaps non-believers or those of other religions will be offended by these words. When we wish someone a “Merry Christmas”, we express our wish that another person of God’s creation experiences the message that Christ brings: God’s love, peace and joy is for all of us. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, or insecure, these gifts and God’s grace are what He wants for us. “Merry Christmas” means that I wish them for you too.

Christians complain about the mass media and the commercialization of the Merry Christmas season. We despair at his substitution of “Christmas” for “Christmas”. For the record, abbreviating “Christmas” to “Christmas” existed long before political correctness was born. “X” is the Greek letter “Chi” and was used to represent Christ as early as the 9th century. Christ in Greek is “Xristos”. Since the first texts were written in Greek and later translated into other languages, the use of this abbreviation is possibly Biblical. Many, particularly the mainstream media, believe they have succeeded in “getting Christ out of Christmas.” And yet it remains as it should be. The question for those of us who believe remains: Will we remove Christ from our dialogue or will we share the true spirit of Christmas with others?

May God bless you and his family with his infinite abundance, love and peace.


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