10 Ways to Use Promoters to Improve your Brand

Promoters to Improve your Brand

Promotors can offer a huge potential in helping your business grow. They can coach new users, drive referrals, and even suggest in-store promotion ideas. Here are ten things you and your team can do more with promoters to increase your brand’s influence.

Recognise them:

Reaching out to your loyal product promoters makes them feel acknowledged. Even a simple note by an executive thanking the customer for patronage can go a long way.

Make it easier for them to promote your brand:

You can use an automated customer referral program to help identify new product promoters. They will receive a pre-written social copy and a referral code to post on their social media channels. Moreover, you can also add incentives or discounts to encourage them. In addition, it is also possible to track their participation through referral links that have unique tracking mechanisms. 

Ask for their critical feedback:

Promoters of your products are always eager to try out your latest offerings. They will provide you with thorough information regarding your product’s likes and dislikes. 

Early access:

Give your product promoters exclusive access to new products before launching them. They will naturally be thrilled to try out your new product and generate a buzz about it on social media. These promoters will also help you identify and fix bugs before releasing your product to the public.

Beta testing:

Promoters are always glad to help shape a product from their favourite brand. You can get them involved in the beta testing phase of your new product or feature. They can provide you with constructive and actionable feedback to help you improve your product.

Ask them for reviews:

Requesting your promoters politely for reviews can help generate positive reviews on online review sites. This can play a critical role in encouraging prospective customers to try your product.

Include them in discussions:

Discussions can spark creative ideas, which a one-on-one feedback session does not always do. You can gain valuable insights by asking promoters why they prefer your brand and how you can improve it.

Case study:

You can ask customers with interesting stories related to your brand to participate in a case study. It can cover the challenges they were facing before using your product, how they are using your product now, and the value it has provided them. It’s a great way to instil trust in potential customers by providing social proof.

Customer reference calls:

Prospective customers of big-ticket items would like to speak to your existing customers before making a purchase decision. You could reach out to a few promoters from different industries to share their experiences and tips on deriving the maximum benefit from your product.

Offer them a job:

Promoters possess detailed knowledge about your product. You can use this information to train employees, welcome new customers, and create compelling marketing material. They can also help other users with simple solutions to tackle challenges they might have experienced while using your product.

Promoters can play an invaluable role in helping you develop your products and help your business grow. You can use these ten tips shared above to make them a part of your success journey.

Ester Adams

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