3 Basic Plumbing Tips for Homeowners


A home is a place that shelters you. Everyone desires to keep that shelter safe and secure. The homeowners often experience issues with the plumbing system when they move to a new house. It is always better to get the inspection of the house done before moving into the new house. The most common issue faced in the new houses is related to plumbing. 

There are certain things that a homeowner must be aware of to avoid any future emergency or discomfort. To make sure that all the drains, taps, hoses, and other plumbing elements are in good shape, seek the help of professionals. However, there are a few tips that can be followed to achieve an efficient plumbing system.

1. Locate the Main Water Shutoff Valve 

In case of a water emergency, it is mandatory to shut off the main valve. For that, everyone in the house must know where the valve is located. If you live in a basement then the valve is usually located outside of the house. In some cases for certain houses, the valve is located near the place where the main water supply enters your home.

 It can also be located near the water heater or garage when the house sits on a slab. When the emergency arises and the valve is not quickly turned off then the damage is abrupt as running water can be extensively damaging. You can shut it down easily by hand but the only condition is you must be aware of the location of the valve to avoid any mishap.  

2. Check Your Water Heater and Heat Pump Annually 

Sediments are deposited with time at the bottom of the water heater. These sediment compositions differ based on the source of water. If the water is drawn from a well then the sediments can be a combination of debris and sand material, whereas if the source of water is municipal water then minerals like calcium carbonate that is usually found in municipal water settle at the bottom of highly heated water. 

Incase of a heat pump which functions based on the movement of heat of water from a cold place to a warmer place can also be impacted by the deposits of sediments. Sediments cause wear and tear on the devices including heat pump and water heater causing it to function improperly. However, heat pump repair hampton va can help you manage the heating and conditioning of the house properly.

3. Inspect Your Washing Machine Hoses  

Never take washing machine hoses for granted. It can cause huge trouble when they get worn and old. When the hoses are not kept on notice for a longer period, they might experience leakage or even breakage. The huge split or breakage of the hose might grab your attention but if the split is quite small, the leakage might go unnoticed and thus result in leakage for months. This can deteriorate the walls and floor of the house. Therefore, always pay attention to the hoses, particularly when you install a new hose.  


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