3 Best Platforms To Get Voice Over For Free


There are plenty of online text to speech Platforms from which you can get voice overs for free. Freelancers nowadays are looking for job websites on the internet for freelancing. There are no exceptions in the case of voice-over freelancing. People are looking for a certain voice over special job opportunities. And, some websites are providing opportunities to new talents pursuing their career as voice-over artists. But there are plenty of online platforms which provide free online voice overs of the best emotional quality. Now we will talk about the top three online platforms to get free voiceovers.


TTS or text to speech is a current-generation text to speech technology that is gaining momentum in no time. The TTS Platforms convert digital text to audio from devices such as tablets, mobiles, personal computers, laptops, and more. People who have learning disabilities greatly benefit from this technology, even visually impaired people. Every digital device has a suitable TTS Platform available for them. 

SpeechMax.ai on the other hand produces exceptional results with the best quality and hundreds of useful features. It is the top leading and cutting-edge Indian TTS based on artificial intelligence built mostly for Hindi users. 

SpeechMax can convert Hindi text to AI-supported Hindi audio which is emotionally sustainable and natural sounding. You don’t even need to type the text in Hindi language but type it in English itself. 

There are several speaking styles such as excited, happy, sad which can be selected and specific male or female voices can be generated by selecting the emotion. SpeechMax even supports voice cloning, podcasting, audiobooks, narration for products, customer engagement paths, social media audios, and digital audio reading online. 

Any kind of content can be produced using SpeechMax. Background music is the newly added feature in SpeechMax that can make your voice-over audio sound more playful and interesting.  


Lovo is another online platform that can convert any written text of any language, be it Hindi to audio of the same language. But the only problem with Lovo is that it fails to deliver proper audio quality. Once you log in it allows you to take three-day access to all the premium features. Apart from that, it is 34.99 dollars per month for the premium version. 

Indian TTS

Indian TTS is the second best online text to speech tool that provides you with access to all English and Hindi voice-enabled websites. It even delivers actual speech recognition products and even helps in combining several models to produce different regional Indian languages, and this is known as speech synthesis. 

Based on a certain limitation, you can even convert Hindi text here to audio format or MP3. But Indian TTS has one setback which is that it only allows audio conversion for short-range strings having a maximum of 60 characters. If you want to exceed this limit then you need to pay an amount for the same. The price for every conversion request is 50 paise onwards. But still, it continues to stand as a leading TTS online platform. 


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