3 Effective Foods for Healthy Bones

There would be payment for your care if you take steps to maintain your bone health. A number of steps such as consuming healthy foods you can take for maintaining bone health. Bone health is directly linked with overall health. It is nearly impossible for anyone to improve and maintain overall health without making his bones healthy.

You can’t move and even become unable to sit in the right position for minutes if your bones are not healthy. In addition, without healthy bones, the health of internal organs is also impossible to maintain. According to the orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad, the bones also reserve many minerals and vitamins such as calcium and phosphorus because the body needs them for many other healthy functions.

As people get older, there is a decline in bone health and they really struggle to maintain and improve bone health. Some medical experts believe that these people need to take many extra measures for improving bone health. Additionally, they need to consume many vitamins and minerals.

When people cross the age of 40 the important structure of the bones begins to lose. Many orthopedic surgeons say that at this age the body becomes unable to replace old bones with new ones. This loss to the bones, even the slightest loss, can affect the ability to move easily.

In addition, this loss can also increase the risks of many bone problems such as osteoporosis and the body needs many nutrients and vitamins in extra amounts to prevent and heal these problems. Some habits such as eating or exercise affect the health of the bones in the later stage of our life. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet for effective and healthy bones is a must.

Foods for Healthy Bones

Here are some effective and healthy foods that are packed with many minerals and vitamins that will improve bone health in an effective way:

1.      Some Dairy Products

Many dairy products such as milk as well as yogurt can play a major role in improving overall health and they are also effective for bone health. These products are packed with many nutrients such as calcium which contribute to bone health.

In addition, these nutrients, especially calcium, are also effective in contributing to the structure of the bones. Several doctors believe that a cup of milk, would be best if it is fat-free, or Greek yogurt will be among the major sources of calcium. These products will be effective that will work wonders and miracles for your bones.

It is totally full of your choice whether you select non-fat or full of fat products for you to consume calcium and other essential nutrients in high amounts. If people are trying to lose weight then will need to consume these products which are lower in fat.

However, if you are thinking to consume non-fat products then try to choose products that are fortified with soluble vitamins. Because these vitamins are the key to building the structure of strong bones. A nutritionist believes that when excluding fat from dairy products then you also pull other fat-soluble vitamins.

2.      Include Fruits

Many types of fruits are major sources of magnesium. Without this mineral, the body becomes unable to absorb calcium from different sources such as dairy products. When the body is unable to absorb calcium then there will be no protection for the bones and also their repairing.

In addition, the body also needs magnesium as a cofactor in more than three hundred reactions for proper functioning. The healthy amounts of magnesium in the body are also essential for maintaining and supporting the function and process of digestion.

Fruits such as oranges and figs are the best sources of magnesium and calcium for many people. The body can easily consume magnesium and calcium from these fruits and thus supports the structure of the bones. In addition, bananas, guava, watermelon, etc. can also be the best fruits for you to consume calcium and magnesium.

Orthopedic surgeons believe that the body also needs vitamin D along with calcium to keep the bones strong and healthy. If you don’t consume healthy fruits such as oranges then there can be health conditions such as rickets and osteoporosis.

These bones problems are a must to prevent because many people are prone to them. According to an estimation, more than ten million people experience osteoporosis. The risk of this bone problem tends to increase as people get older.

3.      Nuts

Nuts can also provide with the body many essential minerals such as calcium. They can also be a good source of magnesium as well as phosphorus. All these minerals and vitamins support the structure of the bones and maintain their health.

Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc. can be an effective and healthy choice for you to consume these minerals in an easy way.


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