Are corporates replacing traditional offices with coworking spaces?

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Earlier co-working spaces were only considered for a niche market. But now they are fast taking up center stage. The pandemic has made a lot of changes in how companies perform their work and how they look at their workplaces, and these changing trends have impacted the preferences of employees. The co-working space provides a lot of opportunities to network in the same workspace. You need to get your office on rent in a prime location that is easily accessible by your clients, customers and employees alike, and also hosts a curated blend with community managers to facilitate employee interactions that boost productivity and engagement.

The future of coworking spaces in India looks upbeat and it is going to see an upward rise in the graph of growth in years to follow. Also, as a recent study states, the share of coworking spaces within total office spaces presently stands at 3% which is estimated to increase by more than 1.5% by 2023.

Co-working spaces are the hubs for freelancers, startups, small to large companies and entrepreneurs alike to not only work in a conducive environment but also make valuable connections and build a support network. The coworking spaces offer membership with many perks, which helps increase productivity and creativity.

As shared office spaces provide agility and bring tech-led and community-driven innovations to the workspace today, traditional workspaces might not be able to step up and meet the requirements of a new kind of culture. There are many studies that list the multifarious benefits of working in a coworking space like boosted productivity, increased collaborative opportunities, flexibility in upgrading or downsizing workspace, community engagement creating networking opportunities, and minimum or reduced operational expenses and administrative cost, among other benefits.

Coworking centers have transformed Corporate Culture.

Plug and play offices have changed the way employees work and businesses are conducted. This transformation has largely come by promoting cross-collaboration among other companies, freelancers, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and local communities. This brings the company together in a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, which results in a diverse and growing community with a greater sense of achievement for workers and continued motivation for all in the same space.

Technology being at the forefront for co-working spaces, it has catapulted the comfort and security of freelancers and companies alike. With access-controlled entries, CCTV surveillance, IMS, hi-speed Wi-Fi, advanced audio and video conferencing facilities and more at their disposal, coworking companies make a lot of sense to the corporates, not to mention added convenience. In fact, the best-in-class amenities offered by some of the coworking space providers never-before experienced seamless operations to individuals and companies alike. Furnished office spaces are attractively designed with contemporary outlook and better space management for a relaxing and soothing ambiance to the workforce. This also contributes to their mental and physical well-being. The well-equipped interiors and swanky styling is way better than conventional cubicles in the office setups. Furthermore, these designs appropriately match the lifestyle of the modern millennial workers. 

Workers nowadays are attracted to modern spectacles to unwind and relax to provide a peaceful area for coffee breaks and enjoying conversations with colleagues. As corporate offices can’t have a flexible structure and insist the employees back to work in the office.

However, if your organization doesn’t have the luxury of having your workspace, you can choose a coworking space in Hyderabad as the best option and see the growth of employee retention in your company. Also, coworking spaces help employees to create a professional work atmosphere for hybrid or full-time occupancy.

Put your employees first in the orientation, promote freedom as a means of emphasizing results over everything else, and have a coworking space like iKeva that has these important components of a new direction. Coworking spaces are becoming more viable for employees who prefer the autonomy of working alone in peace and who benefit from collaborating with other people from various industries to fuel their growth.