3 Ideas for Creative Fundraising

name engraved on fundraiser bricks

Planning is one half of the two most important parts of conducting a fundraiser, with the second being implementation. The best plans would fall flat without dedicated execution and even the earnest of efforts would fall short if they are wasted on a poor idea. Keeping both factors in mind, here are three ideas for creative fundraising which can boost fund generation for almost any cause.

Mixing Art and Cause

The fundraiser’s cause itself does not have to do anything with art or creativity, but both can be used to generate funds for almost any cause. For example, find the budding and established artists in your community and ask them to create a piece in line with the cause. Once the pieces have been completed, they can be sold/auctioned/displayed at the live fundraiser event first. If any of the pieces remain unsold, they can be put up for sale online.

Established artists are quite likely to cooperate as it brings them positive publicity, while every opportunity for exposure is a good opportunity for artists who are not there yet. Although it may vary depending on the artist and how much they are truly in support of the cause, it is likely that the artists will only donate a portion of their sales.

Highlighting Every Donor

Good deeds should be rewarded and there is nothing more satisfying for a donor to see that they are being appreciated for their donations. To see one’s own name engraved on fundraiser bricks is a reinforcing and rewarding experience that makes the donor feel appreciated for their actions. It will make them want to remain a part of the cause because their very names are already engraved into the foundation, so to speak. For local businesses, their act of donation also doubles as a marketing investment in PR.

It should be convenient if the cause involves constructing a shelter, healthcare facility, a church, or any other building, but that’s not a limitation. For example, there could be a focus wall of fame and commemoration inside/outside an orphanage where each brick holds the engraved name of a much appreciated donor. 

Community Fair

We all know about bake sales and yard sales, which are both popular and effective community fundraiser events. However, you do not need to restrict it to either one or even just the two. A single community event for charity can be turned into a full on community fair for the cause. Everyone who wishes to be involved and contribute in any way they can, are able to.

People can bake cakes and pies, sell books and other memorabilia, open a handicrafts store, start a photo booth, or do just about anything else that they believe will generate money for the cause. If you can get a few local government officials involved, the event can have a few carnival rides to garner more interest from the locals.

Note that creative fundraising is not just about the ideas, but also how you implement them at your event. The ideas shared here are comparatively novel, but there is nothing that has not been done yet. The uniqueness will be naturally present when you improvise and customize them in accordance with the event’s requirements.