Certification in Manufacturing – Everything You Must Know

Experience is more important than lessons in certain fields. In the field of manufacturing as well, experience is valued and prized. It is a field that cannot be learned in classrooms but requires practice and training to become experienced enough to do the work. However, in the current world, you will need a certificate if you want to work. No company will allow you to work in manufacturing if you do not produce a certificate to show that you are qualified enough. 

In manufacturing, there are several certificates that aspiring students can achieve. However, there is no “certificate in manufacturing”. It does not have a general manufacturing certification. Instead, it has several areas in which you can get certificates. Or rather, there are several kinds of certificates that you can get. Each one is for different kinds of work or has its own specifications. 

  • Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma Certification – This certificate is highly sought after by the bigger companies trying to build their teams from the ground up. A certificate like this does not require an apprenticeship, but you should ensure that the company you train has a good reputation. The company does not have to be the biggest, but it should have a good reputation with lean and six sigma certifications. The better the reputation, the easier for you to be chosen by the bigger companies when they look for certified workers. 
  • Industry Independent Certificates – These certificates do not adhere to a certain industry or type of production. They are given for a specific type of manufacturing that is relevant across several industries. So with this kind of certificate, you will be certified for specific manufacturing. But you will not be restricted to working in just one industry. 
  • Quality Certification – If you are in a technical stream, your college may also be able to offer you a quality assurance certificate. It is also available online. The course teaches simple basic skills. At the end of which, your skills and services will have an official quality assurance certificate. 
  • Skilled Trade Certificate – Every trade has a course you must complete before issuing a certificate. Their courses can include lecture sessions, practice sessions, apprenticeships, etc. The trade decides each course, and the apprenticeship period is also different for each trade. 

These are some of the certificates that you can get in manufacturing. If you want to expand your experience, you can also look up mechanical design courses. It is related to the manufacturing aspect of every trade, so it will be a good certification to add to your belt. 

Certification courses in manufacturing are not all available under one roof. Some may be available online, and others may not. There can also be only one certification at companies. Whichever company you choose, it is always a good idea to do research on the certification offered and other alternatives for the certification. There may be other certifications that are more beneficial for you if not for everyone else in your stream of study or work.