3 Reasons You Should Prefer Flying Private

3 Reasons You Should Prefer Flying Private

While one may think that flying private is all about enjoying a life of luxury, there is more practicality to flying private than one may assume. Flying private doesn’t buy you a life of luxury, and rather it buys you the most important asset in a human being’s life which is their time. If you can afford to fly private but avoid doing to not appear like an excessive spender in front of friends and family, or simply because you shy away from the expense, given below are three reasons that are likely to convince you to start flying private: 

1. Flying private doesn’t disturb your schedule

Taking commercial flights often requires one to adjust their schedule according to that of available flights. If you are a business person or a high-level executive, adjusting your schedule isn’t always an option as you may have to attend to international or local clients and invest time in business dealings that are time-sensitive. If you get a private flight charter, however, you can request one that suits your free time and allows you to arrive at your destination exactly when you need to be there. In case of business emergencies, flying private is an extremely convenient option and if you look for commercial flights instead in an emergency, you are likely to not find any seats at the last minute.

2. Flying private equals excellent service

If you choose to fly commercially, chances are that you get good service during your flight only if you opt for a business class ticket, and that too isn’t guaranteed excellence. However, if you choose to fly private, you have an entire aircraft crew at your service for your every need, and you would have access to some of the best hospitality. The crew on private charters understands the needs of every passenger, no matter how small or how extravagant they may be. Even if you request something as random as waterproofing services midflight, your crew might be able to assist you in flight or might at least have someone waiting readily at your destination to honor your request.

3. Flying private gives you access to remote locations 

Commercial flights can only give you access to so many locations as they are limited in the number of airports that can use due to their size. Private charters have access to a greater number of airports, big and small, as most remote areas that do not have or cannot afford to run a commercial airport have small runways reserved for frequent flyers that bring their private airplanes. Private flights also find it easier to fly in testy weather and in challenging airports, which may not be possible in most commercial airlines. Private charters also give you access to destinations that aren’t very popular. Commercial airlines are limited in the destinations they offer because they need to at least break even to offer a destination they fly to. However, private charters have no such limitation.


Flying private has more to it than flaunting a life of luxury. If used to your advantage, private flights can rake in thousands of dollars in terms of time savings, productivity increases, and peace of mind.


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