5 Affordable And Durable Toys To Make Your Pet Happy

Spending hours and hours doing nothing can be hazardous to one’s health, whether it’s a human, dog, or cat. Like humans, pets also get bored, making them susceptible to depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Therefore, like humans who indulge in various activities to kill boredom, pets also need something to keep themself engaged when left alone for hours. 

Toys, especially interactive ones, offer your pets something to chase, pounce, chew, or scratch on. These activities keep your pets physically preoccupied while stimulating them mentally. Furthermore, they offer comfort, relaxation and can alleviate stress and anxiety.  

While several pet toy options are available, finding the one that suits your pet’s personality and interests can be difficult. You’ll also need to ensure its durability, or else you might find it torn to bits when you reach home.

Here are five durable toys that’ll provide happiness to your pet without straining your wallet. 

  1. Rubber Ball

Dogs are intuitive to chewing rubber toys. This offers them an opportunity to explore a new item, combat boredom, or relieve the pain in teeth or gums. But among all the rubber toys, dogs love balls the most, and there are various reasons for that. 

The predatory nature of dogs draws their instincts to chase things, and rubber balls are the perfect “pretend prey.” A bouncing ball mimics a prey’s behavior, which is the reason why dogs chase it, fit in their mouth, and shake it side to side. This allows dogs to let their instincts take over and provide pleasure.     

Rubber balls are one of the best dog toys for chewers. Playing fetching with rubber balls or simply tossing them around keeps your dog physically active, excites him, boosts bonding, and prevents behavioral issues like destructive chewing. 

  1. Plush Toys

Dogs that are often left alone for hours suffer from boredom and separation anxiety. This can result in unwanted behaviors, including chewing various stuff, hiding, or stressing. In such situations, plush toys are an excellent option for comforting your dog.

Plush toys allow dogs with something to nibble on, snuggle, or sleep with when you are busy or not at home. They also relieve your dog’s gum or toothache, especially if it’s a puppy or a senior one. 

Plush toys that squeak also add to their curiosity and excitement, which keep them engaged without worrying about the surroundings. You can also buy Cardboard Cat Scratchers for your pet and let them have fun with that.

  1. Rope Toys

Dogs love playing tug of war with humans or other dogs as it allows them to display their predatory nature and reinforce bonds. It’s also a collaborative game that exercises different muscles of your dog’s body and brain, keeping him energetic and happy. 

Letting your dog win a tug of war helps him come out of his shell and boost confidence. In addition, for aggressive dogs, playing tug is a great way to redirect their energy and keep the aggression at healthy levels.  

Another advantage of playing with rope toys is that it provides excellent mental and physical exercise without requiring a big yard to run around. You can play indoors in a small space, particularly during cold or rainy days. This will allow you to spend quality time together and strengthen your relationship.

  1. Interactive Laser Pointer

Unlike dogs who love playing with everything they can set their paws on, cats are a little picky. But they are natural predators, and their curious nature means they love capturing things.

A laser pointer is a perfect option to transform your sedentary cat into a fun chasing one. As most cats stay alone at home for most of the day, taking naps, a fast-moving laser can increase their physical activity and mental stimulation.

Lasers provide the perfect opportunity for cats to stalk, chase, and attack the light, which is satisfying to your feline. All you need to do is pinpoint the laser on the floor just beyond the reach of your cat and watch him bounce.

  1. Tunnel Toys

Tunnel toys are a must-have if you have a feline in your house. Cats love dark places to hide, be it for playing, sleeping, or feeling safe, and a cat tunnel toy is an ideal option for them.

Most cat tunnels come with a pick-a-boo hole that allows your cat to observe the surroundings while being hidden. This sharpens his instincts and hunting skills while providing an ideal place to engage in interactive playtime or taking a nap. Cat tunnels generally come in all shapes and sizes and are easily portable, making them an excellent top option for your kitty. 


Toys keep your pets amused and busy with physical activity, even when you are not around. They are an ideal way to mentally and physically stimulate your pet’s needs and prevent destructive behavior. Furthermore, pet toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials to help you find the one suited for your pet’s personality. Be mindful of your pet’s size, activity levels, and preferences before making a purchase.

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