5 of The Healthiest Cats Breeds You Could Adopt

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Did you know in many countries, International Cat Day is a thing and is celebrated every year on August 8th? Click here to read about this exciting day.  When it was first celebrated back in 2002, the animal welfare organization, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), decided these felines need to be revered, and many pet owners agreed.

This is not just a festive day but also has significant meaning to help raise awareness in the public domain, about cats. Other countries do the same but have a cat adoption day. Depending on the country, the day may differ. In some countries, February is also another month that has to do with cats and their health.

So we thought we would join the club and list some of the healthiest felines around the world, for your information. There are many, but below we have selected a few of the top ones from the list of healthiest moggies.

The Russian Blue

Of course, not all animals are exempt from having health issues. No matter what it is, dog or cat, they would still suffer from certain health conditions, however, there are a few that have less of it. 

The Russian Blue is one of those that have a much less chance of developing health issues in their life, or any life-threatening disease, for that matter. They do not necessarily carry any genetic disorders that are common to them. However, the most prevalent issue with them is a case of bladder stones. Albeit a common occurrence, the majority of them do live to be over 13 years of age.

The Ragamuffin

Similar looking to the Ragdoll cat: https://www.dailypaws.com/cats-kittens/cat-breeds/ragdoll, the Ragamuffin’s are known for their sweet and loving demeanor and are extremely social cats that love spending time with their family members and people in general.

Their overall health is good and the majority of them can live for up to 13 years. Some of them are prone to some form of kidney or heart disease but this is due to genetic mutation and in general, they are happy and healthy cats.

The Bombay

This muscular looking feline, if you are not aware of this breed, could be mistaken for a small black panther. They have loads of energy and are strong overall. These moggies may be prone to a common condition known as “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy”, but this is common in most cats. 

It is a form of heart disease and can be treated with the right medication, diet and weight management routine derived by the vet. This is because they love food, and can eat all day if given the opportunity.

Besides this, they are generally healthy and can live long lives with their proud owners.

The Savannah

These descended from the African Serval cats are a relatively new type of breed and they were officially recognized in 2021. Their pointed ears and gold coats make them a unique breed and are mostly healthy. They are not prone to any of the major diseases or health conditions that most others have.

This hybrid between the serval and the domestic is still being researched to find out if there are any illnesses that can affect that. Until the consensus is out, we rate them one of the healthiest to have around the house.

The American Short Hair

It may be a misconception that these guys are only found in America, however, they have been migrated to other parts of the world. they make one of the best house kittens for many families and are beautiful to look at, as well as have a loving and laid-back personality.

Said to have crossed the American oceans with the pilgrims, the American shorthair is the earliest of all to set foot in the region. They come in an array of different coats and patterns, they have thick and short fur, and they can weigh up to 15 pounds. Their bodies are built for strength and as a result, they suffer from minimal health issues.

Some owners have found theirs to have heart issues, but overall find them a healthy breed. The cats guide on this website can tell more about them, and how to look after them, as well as any other feline that you have recently adopted. These are some of the most affectionate, adaptable and family-friendly pets to have around.

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The British Shorthair

Just similarly to their American counterparts, these guys come from across the British oceans and are one of the most popular pets to keep in a British home. They have been known to suffer from Hemophilia B which can easily be detected using a cat DNA Test. 

No matter what type of moggy you have, always make sure you take them for regular health checks to the vet and don’t overfeed them. By keeping an eye on their weight, you can avoid a lot of issues in their adult’s life, as obesity can also affect our pets, as much as it can humans.

No matter what breed you own, sometimes the chances of genetic conditions may creep up. So, keeping things in check is recommended at all times, and feeding them a healthy diet, as well as keeping them indoors during harsh weather conditions is also a good idea. 

These are just some suggestions to keep them with you for life as happy and well-kept furry companions!

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