5 Unique Ways to Make Your Own Greeting Card

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No matter how much digitalization aces, the joy of making a few things with your own hands is irreplaceable. One of them is writing greeting cards to the dearest people. Whether it is for a Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Professional Achievement, custom-made greeting cards are far better than those plagiarized straight from the internet.

Most people run through the same online galleries to find a greeting card design for any occasion to come. The thing is, hundreds of businesses and thousands of people might be using the same design that you have chosen from the online template gallery. Creating a unique greeting card stands out and makes the person feel special after receiving it.

That’s why we have brought you the five unique ways to make your greeting card stand out.

Have a look!

1. Building a Polaroid Camera on The Card

Building a polaroid camera is one of the brilliant ways to make stunning handmade gratitude greeting cards. You can either draw a polaroid camera on the card and attach a picture beneath it or create a polaroid camera pop-up.

Both of these look equally amazing and add a character to your card. If you are going with the pop-up idea, make sure you add a picture of the person to whom the card belongs. Add an option of scratching the picture for fun.

You will know how to make an excellent polaroid card by watching this tutorial. Also, don’t forget to add a little thank you note on the top of the card.

2. Splashing Some Water Colors on The Card

Making a greeting card using watercolors is the best method to make approachable cards. You can start with making a splash card using painter’s/artist tape, cardboard, and watercolors of your choice.

Cover the edges of the cardboard with the tape and apply a big rectangle piece of video in the center. Keep splashing the watercolors till you love the look of your DIY greeting card. Once the watercolors get dried, remove the tapes neatly to get crisp and clean edges.

Now remove the big chunk of tape from the center and write a word or phrase you want to in your favorite font. As simple as the idea may sound, the final card looks much more pretty.

3. Doing a Pencil Shading Card Background

The idea of pencil shading the greeting card’s background is unique and looks eye-appealing. As shown in the image, you can paint the half-page in some glossy color like blue or green and draw a pencil sketch of the person you’re sending this card to give it a personal touch.

If you aren’t much of an artist, we have got you an alternative pencil shading trick. Bring leaf stamps and start stamping the card’s background with them. You can try overlapping the leaves a bit to make it look more adorable.

Once done with the stamping, you can start pencil-shading the leaves with the color of your choice. Use pencil lids of different sizes to create an effect, and at last, draw borders of the leaves with a bold shade like silver or gold.

4. Adding Pop-ups to The Card

Creating pop-up cards has been a popular choice among artists, irrespective of being newbies or experts. The reason behind it is, adding a paper pop-up to a card is fun, easy-going, and propels the card’s overall appearance to the third dimension.

Making pop-up cards is like a piece of cake once you understand the pop-up mechanism of the card. With proper instructions and implementation of a step-by-step process, you can make excellent pop-ups cards for any occasion.

Find the perfect pop-up style greeting card from this list of 37 DIY cards. Now you don’t have to worry at all about mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, birthday, or any other occasion, because you can make a pop-up greeting card for all!

5. Creating Multiple Tiny Envelopes on The Card

How about creating a surprising envelope look on the greeting card inside its main envelope, huh? Let us explain it to you. Everyone sends a greeting card with a cover envelope. But one thing you can do to make it more unique is by creating tiny envelopes on the card.

Take two to three colorful papers and make little envelopes out of them (You can make six or eight envelopes depending on the size of your card). Stick these small envelopes on the front of the card in a pair of two.

You can write a note in each of these envelopes or write a single alphabet on each envelope to dedicate it to a special person. Not only is this card idea good-looking, but it also makes the receiver feel valued and loved. 


Creating a customized greeting card is easy if you follow a few steps. Start with selecting the size and format of the card. Move further with deciding the card layout, blend a few designs, and bring the best art to life. Create some captivating textures on the card, and finally, put your message smartly and beautifully. Try to be the utmost creative when making your greeting card instead of acting monotonous. Think differently. And you’ll see the magic happening!

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