6 Strategies For Teachers To Learn Student Names Quickly

Name is the most important word for a person to be identified. The feeling when you find out that a specific person remembers your name is unmatched. It is similar to being recognized as an important person whose opinion matters. If a person has a name that is difficult to pronounce and remember, people are more likely to forget it.

For teachers, it is always a task to memorize many new names at the start of every term. In the case of foreign students, the names are less common and more difficult to remember. Also as a person with authority, your ability to remember their names will be valuable to the students and will aid in their adjustment to the campus. Ask for their name and its meaning. For example, ask your overseas student about her name and if she says Samiksha. Ask her what is Samiksha meaning ? The same goes for other names too. A few of the strategies for remembering students’ names fluently are mentioned below.

1. Introduction:

Ask your students to introduce themselves when you’re meeting them for the first-ever time. Conduct an introduction session at the start of the class instead of just reading out names on a grade register. Start by introducing yourself and then proceed to students. Ask them to follow the line and keep introducing themselves one by one. If you have a foreign student, you should ask about their country and what is it famous for. 

2. Listen carefully:

Be attentive when someone is introducing themselves. Listen carefully to their names. Ask for their name’s meaning if it is uncommon. Show interest in their qualities. Occasionally when a new event like a new class occurs, people get so excited. Excitement due to all the new students make their minds blown away and they stop attending when a scholar introduces himself. One should stop making speeches in his head and listen carefully to what the student is saying. Also, the teacher must try to revise the names of students in his head.

3. Make Notes for Yourself:

Making notes and pointer about your students’ appearance or specific personality traits can be extremely beneficial for memorizing their names. Be discrete and make sure you don’t let anyone see these pointers. Try jotting down their name on a note and then documenting few statements about that student on their note. You can then paste their notes on a discrete seating chart. These notes will help you remember their names and personality. One way to write notes is as follows.

Samiksha meaning is analysis. knowing about Samiksha meaning if you want to know further then it is a Hindi or Sanskrit origin name, mostly given to Hindu girls

4. Take Pictures of Your Students:

If you are struggling with names and need to get them fixed. Ask your students for their photos. You can either take it on your phone or get it in printed form. Most students will be excited about pictures in class. Ask each student to write something about himself the picture along with their names. This will help you with names.

Ask students to write a cool or fun fact about themselves in a photo. For example their name and its meaning. Like Samiksha meaning is analysis.

5. Assign Seats according to a Seating Chart:

If you can assign students specific seats, it can support you memorize their names. You don’t need to go all hyped and change their entire seating plan. On initial days, ask students to chose a seat of their choice and keep sitting on it for the next few weeks. Fill their names on a seating pattern and keep it near for revision.

Assigning seats for every class is difficult. In that case, keep a rough idea about students and their seats. There is quite a chance that students will sit in the exact spot every day. When students got comfortable in class and chosen a perfect spot for themselves, go ahead and make a seating chart if needed. One can also paste a small image of each student I’m seating chart This will b a great help for you and also for the substitute teacher as well.

6. Play Name meaning Games:

The important period for understanding students’ names is at the very start of the year. This is the perfect time for everyone to memorize names. Play a get to know your names game with them for a couple of minutes, before or after classes. In this game, random kids are supposed to stand up turn by turn and you are supposed to guess or remember your name. Try calling students by their name and it will help you remember their names.

Ask them for their names’ meaning. If you are asking a girl her name and She says Samiksha then Proceed to ask her what is samiksha meaning? That way you’ll remember the name and name bearer.

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