Advantages of Brand Identity Design

Your brand must be effective, elegant, different, and simple. It must stand out from your competitors. The design of your brand must leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it for the first time. Your brand must be different, impressive, original, and simple with a clear and concise corporate narrative.

It is very important that you choose branding and graphic design services for your business logo, as it should represent your business. So it is very important that your designer is creative. The main idea is that the concept and design chosen for your brand should be unique and different, as it helps to reflect a difference from your business.

Categories of brand design

Disadvantages and advantages of each category

1) Text: This is the most popular and recognizable category, but it is usually difficult to develop an innovative text style.

2) Illustrative: This type of mark actually represents an illustration and is more suitable for companies whose services and products are recognizable. However, the disadvantage is that it takes more time to design.

3) Iconic: These are simplified graphics that reflect the product or company in question. Their main advantage is that they are easier to embroider. Typically, the text is required to accompany the image. If the icon was very detailed, it would not be as easy to embroider. A company that enjoys great popularity may only be recognizable by an icon.

Benefits of brand identity design

1) Brand image: branding helps you create a brand-building or image for the company and the website.

2) Corporate identity: corporate identity design gives a face to your business and stores, and of course, it helps to present your business better. It helps to promote it better. So, not only the media will know about your business through the brand, but also the target customers who will look at your advertisement.

3) Company size: the brand design makes the company look bigger and helps create a brand image.

4) Competition: Your brand design explains your company’s philosophy and vision, which helps you stand out from your competitors. An attractive brand design, therefore, makes you look different from your competitors


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