Alasia: Traditional Cypriot cuisine meets the new generation

Cypriot cuisine

A country with a rich history and geographical location that places it at the crossroads of many cultures, such as Cyprus, could not but have a cuisine that is characterized by great interest and most importantly by deep taste.

In Cypriot cuisine, you discover not only influences from the West and the East but also remnants of Byzantine cuisine with authentic recipes that give the stigma of the cultural heritage of the place. Ingredients known and loved such as halloumi, the national cheese of Cyprus is one of the most characteristic links that connect gastronomy with the tradition of the country.

The flavors of Cyprus are in the genes of Panagiota Vassiliadis , who passionately seeks the good raw material to bring out the richness and taste in the dishes she serves in her creation, the new (of the box) and deliciouse

All day Alasia Cypriot Kitchen and Coffee in Piraeus.

In its few months of operation it has proven to be “easy to wear” for everyone like a good, favorite pair of jeans.

Alasia suits every mood, every hour, every age and is offered for the popular sport of “snacking” with Cypriot specialties, dishes with a healthy approach, excellent taresso coffee, fresh juices, smoothies.

An environment that you feel keeps you relaxed whether you drink your morning coffee, or enjoy the rich brunch, or you are left to try the cuisine that dives into the Cypriot flavors and delivers them with a more modern touch.

This is what I think every time I visit the tasteful space of all day Alasia to take a seat on the modern stools in the wooden bar and enjoy a glass of cool beer that will accompany what else? My favorite cups, where a crust of oatmeal, in the shape of a minion shell, imprisons in its heart juicy fragrant minced meat.

But before I immerse myself in the menu dishes I travel to Cyprus through the name Alasia or Alasia which is the ancient name of Cyprus or according to some researchers the ancient name of the current area of ​​the village of Kalavasos .

Panagiota Vassiliadis undertakes to guide me to her home village, saying:

 Kalavasos, is a beautiful village with a history from 4,000 BC, was one of the main pillars of trade and development, as it had copper mines. Undeniable testimony for the antiquity of the settlement of the area is the Neolithic settlement of Tenta, a few kilometers away from the current village “and continues with a smile” The archeological site is protected by a huge tent that from above reminds you of the spiral of Archimedes, a sun, which also inspired the logo of my shop. The menu is inspired by my tastes and my love for Cyprus, the homeland of Maro, my mother “.

Taste is an important part of memory, it reminds us of places, people, situations. Success is making a meal that the other person will remember and smile at. The dishes of Alasia, come to irritate the eye first before the taste takes the baton to fascinate the rest of your senses.

The musky seftalies

 test the saliva and are served in an exuberant Cypriot pie with tomato, spicy yogurt that gives cool notes, onion and parsley.

A taste that perfectly keeps the balance of the ingredients and the good hand of the cook touches them as gently and with art as needed to highlight their quality. They overflow with deep taste. Behind the excellent work of the kitchen is the technique and creativity of executive chef Costa Tsiga , who has edited the menu.

The place is cozy, happy like spring sunshine, with the glass case that features a libido cheese pie with feta, mizithra and goat cheese, vegan bougatsa with almond cream and pumpkin, which is a sweet pumpkin pie in handmade sheet.

Panagiota, a cheerful hostess and hospitable, undertakes to guide you through the flavors.

 But how did an engineer at the Polytechnic choose to follow the path of taste and focus?

 “My involvement with cooking and catering has been a rather deterministic affair now that I think about it. That was probably my inclination from the beginning.

I remember my mother putting us in the kitchen at the age of four or five with my sister, to sit a little quietly, to make wonderful preparations together such as melons and pumpkins, to wrap seftalias and the like, so for play “ she says and flips through the Her memories: “I still remember playing with the dough and looking through the lacy bowl, my sister Sophia, at the other end of the table. I fool around with it even now, as if I were wrapping the seftalies for the store.

When we had the opportunity to go down to Cyprus we chose the Easter period. When the whole village smells of freshly made flauna mixed with the aromas of the flowers in the pots of the village that have just bloomed.

These memories and my love for my village and Cyprus, pushed me to change my career. And my need to share them led me to start Alasia. So with a smile, good mood, materials brought from our island and infinite love, the sweetest journey of connecting the past with the present begins for us every day “.

In the menu you will find 

delicious options such as fluffy omelette with lountza, halloumi and mushrooms, or omelette with egg whites, smoked salmon, cottage cheese, cucumber, caper and onion, variety in Cypriot pie or wraps with roasted chicken, halloumi, alavo , thyme, honey mustard Vinaigrette or Tuna salad with celery and spicy mayonnaise.

Every day the kitchen serves two suggestions with dishes of the day

 that turn a blind eye to mom’s kitchen.

Sweet ending with addictive tahini pie with brown sugar, discreetly sprinkled with maple syrup, you do not want it to end.

Alasia also accepts telephone orders, bringing to your space everything we would like to eat every day, all day, made with the most selected raw materials, with fresh ingredients and with a modern, creative touch. Alasia Cypriot Kitchen and Coffee, easily enters your agenda for many delicious experiences.

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