All You Need to Know About the Vision Screening Machine

All You Need to Know About the Vision Screening Machine

What do vision screening machines cost, how much time should you allow for testing, and what is the best vision screening machine to purchase? These are just some of the questions that may be running through your head right now. In this blog article, we’ll cover topics such as these in more detail and help you decide whether or not a vision machine is right for your practice.

What is a Vision Screening Machine?

The Vision Screening Machine is a new machine that lets you screen for vision problems. It performs a series of tests designed to evaluate your visual acuity. The Vision Screening Machine takes only about 20 seconds, and it can tell if someone has low vision or no vision at all.

What Does the Screening Result Mean?

The screening result means the results of a vision test. If your eyes are healthy, the color does not change, and the result is “good,” you may go back to work. If your eyes are red or there is a gradual loss in vision, you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.

Types of Cameras that Can be Used in Vision Screens

Vision screening machines typically have cameras that can be used in different ways. The most common types are the camera with a lens that is used for recording images of the eye, and the camera with a lens that serves to project an image of the eye on a screen.

How Do I Get My Screening Results Back and What Are Them?

Once your screening is complete, you will be given a “screening report” with four possible outcomes:

  • Unscheduled: The vision screening was completed but no abnormalities were found.
  • Negative: The screening revealed no abnormalities and the eyes are healthy.
  • Restriction: A vision restriction was found. This could mean that a single eye requires glasses or contact lenses, or it could also mean that some type of other form of visual correction is needed (i.e., bifocal lens or contact lenses).
  • Confirmation: A confirmation from the DMV must be faxed to confirm the results of the vision test before the final result can be issued to you.

Benefits of Using a Vision Screening Machine

The benefits of using a vision screening machine are many. They include being able to check your eyesight without having to visit an eye specialist, quickly and effectively identify if you are color blind or have cataracts, and much more. Another benefit is that the vision screening machine can be used for many different purposes like checking if someone has poor depth perception or if they might have a near sightedness issue.

Outcomes of Not Working with a Vision Screening Machine

It is important to realize that even if you do not provide your patient with any services, it is still in the best interest for you as a health care provider to work with them. Even though vision screening machines are convenient and easy to use, they do have their own risks. For instance, some patients might leave without getting the information they need due to the scanner’s inability to accurately read in low light settings. Additionally, the machine can cause discomfort and increase anxiety levels in some patients.