6 Best ARPGs for Gamers Who Like Playing Diablo

Action Role-playing games are so popular these days and on the top of the list of such games is Diablo. Diablo has many different versions each providing something unique to the players.

If you have been playing Diablo for a long time and now you want to switch to some other similar game, you have come to the right place. Though the games that we have gathered here give a vibe very similar to Diablo they also offer something unique and fun in their own way.

Following is our list of the 6 best ARPGs that you can play as an alternative to Diablo

  1. Grim Dawn

This amazing ARPG game has everything you need i.e., great graphics, cool character outfits, neat weapons, and epic background music effects. The gameplay involves players engaging in fast-paced fights and gathering loot in the form of armours, potions, money, and weapons, etc.

Just like every other role-playing game, the storyline and plot of the game are excellent which makes the whole thing much more enjoyable for you.

  1. Path of Exile

If you love Diablo then you will most definitely fall for poe ninja as well. Both these games have very similar gameplay and overall vibe. The game is set in a dark fantasy kind of place where the players have to survive.

The game provides an overhead view so that players can explore the caves, dungeons, and other parts and fight vicious monsters better.  The game allows players to choose which role they want to play in the game from a list of 7 different classes. The game has much more to offer and you have to play it to know how great it actually is.

  1. Warhammer: Vermintide II

This tabletop war game has miniature creatures that you control to win battles and occupy territories. The game has detailed rules mentioned in a whole series of data books. The game involves the use of dice to determine the movement of characters and the next step in the story.

This ARPG game really inspires your imaginations and you get hooked to its cool gameplay even on the very first try. This game borrows many weapons and rules from Diablo and that is why we think you will love it very much.

  1. Destiny 2

This game combines many gaming genres like Role-Playing, Action, Massive Multiplayer, and first-person shooter into one epic game that every Diablo fan is sure to like.  The game matches various players together and establishes communication between them.

Players can also search for clans based on their own skillsets like the ability to perform better strikes, dungeon missions, and raids, etc. The game offers two modes namely PvE (player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs game).

  1. Book of Demons

This classic hack and slash action RPG is among the top picks of many Diablo fans for its simple gameplay and intricate plot. The story takes place in a maze below the surface of a cathedral. There are dungeons, dark regions, and dangerous creatures who are planning on getting to the surface. 

The game has various cool weapons juts like poe uberlabs, realistic monsters, and easy controls which add up to an epic gaming experience.

  1. Children of Morta

This unique ARPG game is about a family of 7 players called the Bergson’s. Each character has a specific role in the game and fluffing it leads to better XP and quicker level-ups.

The players have to clear many dungeons fighting vicious monsters using cool weapons and strategies. This game has received a lot of praise for its well-written plot and graphics that just make everything so realistic and fun.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most famous ARPGs that you can play if you have already played Diablo. These games offer the best graphics, engaging storylines, and cool characters. We are quite certain that if you are a true Diablo fan, you will find these games worth your time.

Play these great ARP games and we guarantee you a fun time. We hope this list of Diablo-like games helps you find your next favorite ARPG soon and we wish you luck in your search.

Ombir Sharma

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