Which is Better: JC or Polytechnic in Singapore

junior college in Singapore

Have you completed your N or O level? But still, confused about joining the junior college in Singapore or Polytechnic?

Different people suggest different options regarding junior college (JC) and Polytechnic in Singapore. But you need to choose the right one according to your career.

Choosing one between JC and Polytechnic is a challenging task. So, we have compiled a list of facts that will help you make wise decisions.

Comparison Between JC And Polytechnic

1. Career

Whether you choose JC or Polytechnic, a career is the topmost priority after education. Now let’s find out the difference between JC and Polytechnic from a career perspective.

Junior College (JC)

  • Students in JC aim to enter a good university. Approx “70% of JC cohort” secure their places in university. There are a bulk of JC students who get A-Level results and positions in the university.
  • Need to select subject combination, however no requirement of committing to a specific course.
  • The GCE A level certificate will be useless if you don’t enter university. You will not be equal to diploma holders that have relevant skill sets and experience to contribute to the workforce.
  • You will pay the hierarchy and rise the ranks faster than diploma holders once, enter university.


  • You have to remain committed to a course of study.
  • Most of the local universities accept students having relevant diplomas.
  • You can get a decent job with average payment by having a diploma in Polytechnic.
  • It has fewer starting salaries, slow pay rise, and slow promotions.
  • Diploma holders can get a salary of around $2100, and the degree holders salary is around $3300.

2. Life in JC and Polytechnic

Both the JC and Polytechnic has different life inside.

Junior College

You enjoy your life in Junior college with friends. In JC, you belong to a close-knitted group. You need to wear a school uniform every day and follow the rules. After being placed in a good position, you will surely go to miss your junior college in Singapore. Sometimes parents prefer Singapore tuition for better knowledge in junior college.


In Polytechnic, you will experience a glimpse of university life. No faculty will scold you regarding marks or hairstyle. The topmost benefit is, many Polytechnic colleges allow you to wear anything you want to.

3. Duration

Junior College

It has two years duration to complete junior college.


You need to study for three years to get a Polytechnic degree.

4. Fees For Singaporeans

Junior college

The college fee of a normal junior is approx$6. The fees of independent junior college are between $300 to $600.


The fee of Polytechnic is approximately $240. It also includes transportation fees.

5. Popular institution of Singapore

Junior Colleges

Now have a look over junior colleges to consider for studies.

  • Anglo-Chinese Independent
  • Eunoia JC
  • Anderson Serangoon JC
  • Catholic JC
  • Anglo-Chinese JC
  • Tampines Meridian JC
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • Nanyang JC
  • Jurong Pioneer JC
  • Raffles JC
  • National JC
  • Temasek JC
  • St-Andrew JC
  • Yishun Innova JC
  • Victoria JC


There are many institutions of Polytechnic in Singapore. We have enlisted the top 5.

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Republic Polytechnic
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Singapore Polytechnic

6. Subjects

Junior College

Junior college allows you to have a mix and match of subjects. For instance, you can opt for Chemistry, Biology, Economics, GP, Math, PW. In junior college, the teachers make students learn about life skills and practical things. You get a chance to explore the world in junior college. It helps to train students and sharpen their minds.


In this, you get to learn specialized subjects or courses. For example, it will not offer Biology; instead, it will offer you a subject in Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Science, etc.

Opting for a specific course will train students to get a job in particular sectors after graduation. Polytechnic also offers internship opportunities for boosting your profile.

So… Polytechnic Or Junior College?

In conclusion, we would love to mention that no course is good or bad. Everyone chooses it by keeping interest and future in mind. It will be better if you know your strength and then make a decision.

This article might help you in choosing the best course as per your requirements. If you are interested in taking admission to Junior college in Singapore then you can ask the experts.