Best Real-life Examples That Show Why AngularJS Is so Popular


Google has always been renowned for its flawless products and extraordinary services that attract users worldwide. Impeccable performance and unmatched user experience have always been synonymous terms to the company. One such product by Google is AngularJS, which was launched a decade ago, and since then, it keeps on getting better and better. It tends to attract technical minds and is marked as one of the technologies that transformed the scope of web development.

Today, many companies hire AngularJS developers to build great web apps and enhance their online presence. In fact, many big names used AngularJS (or Angular) in the past and now rule the market as tech giants.

This article will discuss some of those brands that relied upon (and are still depending upon) Angular for web development. The informational piece will also help you understand why this framework is still so popular in the market.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS (or Angular) is a web development framework created by the development team at Google. It is a TypeScript-based open-source product, which means it is free to access. Its journey started in 2010 with the development of AngularJS (also known as Angular 1). AngularJS gained massive popularity, and many famous brands picked it up for creating their business applications. But after that, its next upgraded version came into existence (Angular 2 or just ‘Angular’), and since then, this framework gets better and better.

Here are some fascinating numbers related to Angular:

  • There are more than 3.6 million websites based on Angular
  • Over 100K Angular professionals are available on LinkedIn.
  • Angular has over 58K+ Stars on GitHub.

But Why Angular?

So, here comes the primary question. Well, to understand why web app developers and development companies prefer Angular, here are the five top reasons:


When you pick a development tool to build an app, it is crucial to check whether it consists of extensions and components to add functionalities to your application. Well, AngularJS is equipped with everything that you will need to create an interactive web app. There will be no need to waste your time installing dozens of extensions. However, it does not mean that AngularJS does not support additional tools or components if you need to fulfill some special requirements. You can always choose the required elements and extensions you need for the app development process.

MVC Architecture

AngularJS deals with MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. As per this structure, when a user accesses your app and generates a request, it directly heads to the controller. From there, it interacts with the Model to put together the data needed for the View. This architecture enhances the application’s user interface, improves data binding, and accelerates the entire development process.

Dependency Injection

To build a highly functional application, you need various services that are dependent on each other. With Angular, you can inject multiple services, components, and dependencies into the right places without harming the applications’ logic or damaging any part of it.


Angular works on the concept of modulation, which means it has multiple smaller modules working together for a particular piece of functionality. Each module acts as a separate entity of a collective unit that brings together components and directives responsible for a specific function. It helps in boosting the development and debugging processes.

Tools for PWAs and SPAs

Thanks to Google, we can have an application-like experience in the browser with the help of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). And the best part is Angular is one of the most compatible frameworks to develop PWAs. Apart from these, the platform also offers suitable tools for Single-Page Applications (SPAs).

Now, let’s see some great applications and websites built using AngularJS that will undoubtedly inspire you.

Some Renowned Applications and Websites Developed on AngularJS


One of the most significant examples to show the perfection of AngularJS is Gmail; having a simple UI and untroubled experience are its performance standards. There are over 1.5 billion users currently using Gmail today, reflecting the popularity of this email application.


Forbes, one of the most visited websites in the world, is also developed using AngularJS. Built on Angular 5, it responds and resolves the issues and queries of over 74 million monthly users in the United States alone.


Being a business owner, sometimes you need specialists and talented people to work as a freelancer for your project. Upwork is a one-stop destination to resolve this problem. At Upwork, employers can find freelancing specialists from all over the world. Similarly, talented candidates from different countries can get employment based on a part-time, full-time, or freelancing basis.


Online transactions throughout the world could not be so easy, quick, and safe without PayPal. The digital payment portal lets you transfer money worldwide securely and hassle-free. Currently, PayPal has more than 305 million active global users making it one of the largest online payment service providers.


JetBlue is one of the significant ultra-low-cost airlines operating from the United States and ranks as the seventh-largest airline based on the passengers carried. Around 42 million customers used the services of this airline in 2019. Therefore, the company must have an application or website that can handle loads of user requests and offer an impeccable UI experience to such a massive number of travelers. Thanks to Angular, users get a well-designed and descriptive UI providing search flight features and a seamless booking process.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, AngularJS is one of the dominating web app development frameworks in the market, and in the above real-life cases, you can quickly figure out its popularity level. Its advanced features and flawless performance help you transform the functionality and interactivity of your web applications quickly and with ease. Moreover, the best thing about Angular is that its development team constantly updates its features and functionalities to make it better and better. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect web development solution, you should hire dedicated AngularJS developers to serve your front-end development tasks in the best way possible.