Breast Pain: Presentations and Management

Hello, I am Dr. your breast doctor. Breast pain is very common, especially in younger women. They are usually due to hormonal fluctuations in women. Most breast pain has nothing to do with breast cancer.

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Manifestations of breast pain

May be described by you as pain, discomfort, fullness or tenderness and with all kinds of descriptions

May occur cyclically or non-cyclically

May be in one breast, both, constant, intermittent, generalized or localized.

May occur before menstruation, during pregnancy, lactation, or perimenopause.

It may occur while taking oral contraceptives or HRT.

Treatment of breast pain

You will need a clinical breast exam, +/-mammogram +/-ultrasound, depending on your age, to rule out other causes.

Usually the pain goes away on its own, but over-the-counter, simple pain relievers can be very helpful.

Prescription medications are also available.

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