Buying Guide of Juicer for Celery | Things to Consider

It is believed that having a healthy lifestyle can help you to live longer, boost your metabolism, and above all, can increase your productivity. Therefore, nutritionists suggest adding greens to your life and, among all veggies, celery is the best option. It’s enriched with vitamins and minerals; in fact, it is said that just 16 oz of fresh celery juice a day can transform your health and digestion.

Therefore, various juicer companies out there are producing high-tech and durable juicers with multiple features. Still, some people find it daunting to choose the right juicer for celery as sometimes celery juice sneaks its way out while being juiced, and they desire a gadget that saves their time and effort.

Hence, bearing massive options of juicers’ variety in mind and to help you in choosing the best juice, in this article, I have listed some of the factors that you need to bear in mind while you are hunting for the best juicers for celery. 

So, without further ado, let’s see what you need to look for in your juicer.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Juicer 

  • Brand

First thing first, beware of the dupes! Multiple manufacturers are producing exact but cost-effective copies of reputable juicers in the market. This factor seems budget-friendly but has a massive effect on your juicing experience. Low-quality juicers are usually noisy, extra lightweight, and not durable enough to offer your years of warranty and smooth juicing. 

Therefore, it is advised to invest your money once and opt for a reputable brand. These labels offer durable, smart, and high-tech juicers that can make your juicing experience a piece of the cake. 


Those who drink juice regularly are aware that cleaning juicers is the worst experience due to the multiple parts inside them. So, if you consider ease of maintenance or cleaning, then it is advised to look for a juicer that has fewer parts inside it.

In this case, the Power XL juicer is good to go as it is a high-extraction centrifugal juicer that cleans itself hassle-free.


The more a juicer is hectic to assemble the more risk it bears especially of breaking while assembling. Therefore, kitchen experts believed that the less complicated gadget is far easier to assemble and assures long time durability.

Yield Amount

This factor determines how well the juice is extracted and how dry the pulp is. Usually, while buying juicers, many people overlook the yield factor but the drier the pulp is the more juice will be extracted from the celery. Therefore, when it comes to making juice celery it’s better to bear the yield amount of juicer in your head for smooth and better juicing.


When it comes to juicing, people are usually afraid and annoyed by noisy juicers. If you are among those who want to have smooth and noiseless equipment to make juice, then say no to centrifugal juicers as they are super loud. Therefore, twin-gear, masticating juicer, or cold press juicer are suitable options.


Noone loves when they have to make juice again and again due to small juicer containers. Moreover, small containers are messy while making juice and cause splashes. Hence, 4 oz is believed to be the standard size of containers to ensure you are getting an adequate amount of juice.


No one loves to have a juicer that takes hours to make juice. This usually happens when you consider cheap and low-quality juicers. Therefore, it’s right to choose a juicer with multiple speed options, as sometimes more motor power is needed to break down the fibers.


Last but not least, money matters, especially when you invest in kitchen appliances. Multiple gadgets are highly-priced but have poor juice yield. Hence, instead of looking for an expensive juice, consider a piece that is durable, easy to use, and, above all, cost-effective.


To extract healthy and nutritious juice, a good quality juicer matters a lot. Therefore, this catalog is there to help you out in picking the right item to maintain your healthy lifestyle. To ensure an easy juicing experience, make sure you look for the factors mentioned above in your juicer while looking for the right one.