Why You Should Join CA Online Class Instead of Offline Classes

ca online class

CA is a comprehensive course and is divided into three main levels No student can pass this 5-year long course by continuous self-study. Since it is difficult to be steady towards a goal for such an extended period, students need guidance, and the best CA coaching institutes in India is a good option for this. Obviously, when the world is closed in homes , online classes will make sense. Moreover, the offline education sessions will start very late. Current trend also bound the CA online class to follow the government guidelines of maintaining protocols.

Thanks to technology for supporting during this time of need, and in no time, all the educational institutions are reaching out to the students through CA online class.

Education through an online medium has its benefits and is a significant contributor to social distance.

Benefits Of CA Online Class

Over time, many changes have come in online classes, and it is constantly moving towards betterment. Through online classes, millions of students can take advantage of distant learning programmes. Let’s see how CA online class is helpful for students.

Less expensive:

For obvious reasons, offline CA coaching is costly as the management cost of any institute is a lot, which they would like to take from you. Usually, a significant part of your fee goes towards electricity, water bill, teacher salary, additional staff salary, cleaning, and management. That is why CA online class is an economical option where better education is being delivered to you only at the cost of teacher salary and technical management. And as a benefit your fees have become very minimal.

More free time

Taking a class in the institute means you have to stay there the whole time, well there is a provision of breaks everywhere but that time is not enough to go home and come back. After taking continuous long classes, the mind gets tired and wants to get rest, but you cannot leave the institute. Also, after returning from classes you have to spend time on homework or self-study, and follow the same routine daily.

On the other hand, in online classes, you have time flexibility and can work at your own pace. In the breaks between classes, you can gather entertainment and also save your travel time, in which you will be able to study additional subjects.

Easy to Attend

To attend the online class all students have to do is open laptop at a comfortable place, and can learn with ease. Online is a straightforward way to attend with a minimum requirement of a computer and an internet connection.

Physically attending the class is a long process you have to go to the institute every day, then the weather can affect your routine, or you are not in the mood to go out of the house today. Online will give you the solution.

Flexible Timings

If you are a working and preparing for CA, then CA online class is most convenient for you. Whenever you get time, you can learn to make your dream come true. With pre recording classes there is no fear of missing anything. On weekends, you will be able to ask your doubts to the teacher through the live class.

Replay for Revision

With every video lecture provided by the institute you get a facility of replay, forward and backward to videos. So there is no chance to miss any part of the class and can watch them several times till you don’t have a clear understanding.

Saves the Traveling Time

One of the main advantages of an online class is that it saves travel time. So, students coming from other cities or staying away from the coaching institute can register their attendance through online classes, wasting no time.

Live Stream Class for Doubt Solving

A live stream is a new form of online class where CA students can learn while the teacher is explaining. Through this, the teacher connects with the students by live stream. It adds some more advantages, including the facility of asking questions to the teacher in real time. You can watch the live class even after the session is over. Here are some more benefits of CA live stream classes.

  • Live conversation
  • Students can watch it more than once
  • Saves money
  • Real-time experience
  • Online test
  • Learn with current examples


During the pandemic, education has settled online, which has benefited both institutions and students. Many institutes conduct online classes for all three CA, Foundation, Intermediate, and Final levels, so students now have more options than before.

Everyone needs guidance to crack CA with good marks, and now it is more economical and convenient than ever.


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