Choose a web hosting service that also provides you with webmail

In life, there are certain things we overlook and others we don’t. We have no idea whether we ignore these things or not just because we are unaware of those things. The domainracer’s cheap php hosting server offers latest php version 7.3 with limitless php shared hosting plans It has the ability to alter how we conduct business online. Being in the online industry for a while, I do send and receive business mail using free webmail. Visit our TECHI BUCK to learn more.

Some colleagues told me that I had to install and configure special email software to use the corporate domain as part of my email. I think that’s right, because a free site like doesn’t sound right for my business. After a lot of searching and reading reviews. In the end I chose the e-mail program I used. It didn’t take long for me to make the wrong decision. Installing the program is easy. But getting it right is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried. If the settings are perfect for receiving e-mail The software does not allow sending via outgoing e-mail.

Sometimes the client refuses to connect to the server. Spend precious time attaching files. Instead of giving yourself a headache I decided to ask a friend I go to his house to see how he treats his corporate clients. I was surprised to see that he used a simple webmail client for this. And was surprised to learn that his web hosting organization offered him the same. I think I’m lucky as I’ve been using my current provider for a week now. and I got my money back from them.

I was shocked to learn that they don’t have such a policy. And I will have to share the deposit if I refuse to provide their services. thanks to one of my friends Now I have found an organization that offers webmail as part of their service. If I am not satisfied with their work I can cancel within a month and get my money back, no questions asked.

All hosting accounts At least some form of webmail is offered at cPanel. And you should take advantage of that. easy to set up Give you a professional email address. and accessible from anywhere The first thing to do when creating a new website is to set up one or two email addresses. If your host offers cpanel, it’s pretty easy.

You must first log into your cPanel and then look for an icon that says “Email Accounts”, which should be under the “Mail” heading. You have the option to set up any number of email accounts. Let’s say you have a website called and you want to create multiple email accounts. You just have to be sure. in the box after the @ sign and type your account name in the box before it.

For example, if your name is joe, you could enter And if you want an email address with support @ or admin @ You can too. just enter that name Choose a password and click “Create Account” and you’re done. After you have added multiple accounts You will see a list of accounts below the registration form. You can change your quota, delete your account and change your password.

This last feature is very useful if you have forgotten your password. If this happens, go to your cPanel and reset it. And if you have given someone access to your account and want to revoke it. All you need to do is change that password. It’s very easy

Once you have an account You must also be logged in. You can do this easily. by going to your primary domain name which for convenience We assume that add and /webmail, don’t forget to add http:// before it, then you will get to the login screen where you can login. You can get more than one webmail option. they all work I always use squirrel and love it. But if you like herds or anything else, give it a try.

when you have the letter The letter will arrive in your inbox and you can proceed from there. It works just like any other email system. You also have a number of options for customizing your email program to suit your needs.